Resistance Level | 2008 Financial Crisis & The Creation Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price getting ready for a breakout? In the Bitcoin chart, there are some support & resistance that I …


  1. Yes, I got it wrong in the video, it's supposed to be "Wicks", not "Vix". Vix is for the Volatility Index. a totally different thing. I always mess things like that up because of my Swedish brain, English is not my native language, Im Swedish, sry guyys. (Been looking at the actual VIX lately, so my brain mis-fired hehe) 😂🌙

    FUN FACT: In Swedish the wicks are called "svansar" hehe

  2. I was sooo close to buy in at the top there. There was some promise in the bears being so categorically fought back, but then they were pretty easy to fight back for people waiting for a bigger dump, given the very weak volume. Holy, am I happy I didn't buy in today! 😀

  3. Carl, watch you every day, great input – kudos, keep it up. Re the comments about ownership of Bitcoin and the no-debt ideal you alluded to, how are we going to be able to create wealth without the lending/borrowing made possible by the fractional reserve mechanism? Wouldn't we sooner or later come back to where we are today in order to satisfy capital formation and the throttling of the economy? How would monetary policy be set without a centralized mechanism of some kind? Touching on these areas would be most illuminating I think – maybe you can go over that aspect of the emerging crypto paradigm as you see it. Thank you in advance.

  4. If all we ever knew in the world was digital currencies and governments said they were going to start printing paper money the world would laugh and think it's a joke so no wonder people are laughing at bitcoin all people know is paper money

  5. The reason that BTC stopped moving down at the 5800 level earlier this year and now seems to bottom out in the low $6000's against USA Dollar is it has reached what the major mining firms consider production cost VS the value of the sliding USA Dollar. Since there is no limit in the relative ease to "print" dollars and the electric expense of BTC production will continue to rise due to 3 additional factors;
    1 additional miners competing for the same single BTC

    2. increase in the applied difficulty factor
    3. the coming halving in a few years.
    BTC will continue to rise unless these situations are addressed in the subsequent time frame. (which is VERY unlikely, hence a gradual rise to "The Moon"

  6. i'm 9 months in Crypto and i can switch my brain back to when i knew nothing about bitcoin there is so much to it to try understand it even the circulating supply and market cap and things we just know that most people cant possibly know and understand to just own bitcoin its a long way off most people understanding and that's why people like us are so so early and have years of watching this unfold.Thanks for all you knowledge i have learned more off you than anyone else.

  7. Carl, I’ve noticed that you look at the ema Ribbon as a support and resistance tool. The ema ribbon is nothing more than a series of faster to slower moving averages based on price. So really it’s not designed for S&R per say. Since the 20 period MA is kind of the line in the sand for short term resistance it’s helps to see how price reacts when it bounces or falls into it. So I get what you’re saying.
    The ema ribbon is really a momentum indicator. A convergence / divergence indicator. So when the lines squeeze together you have a potential turning point in trend or reversal. When the lines are far apart you have a potential turning point in trend as well because parabolic moves are not sustainable for long. So another potential trend reversal is most likely.
    In a way the ema ribbon also can help you see across multiple time frames as the moving averages represent underlying segments of time that may be expressed on a faster time frame chart. You can set up some custom indicators to represent this a bit better.
    Another benefit of an ema ribbon is to use it as a trend following method. So looking at in when it’s in Proper Order either ascending or descending you have a way to identify momentum. You could setup a system that manages a trailing stop for example when two lines cross and trigger your specific exit.
    Anyway I thought I would mention some other uses for this indicator. You seem to have a good grasp on classic technical analysis and I am awaiting the day when you invent your own system based on new ideas and insights.

  8. Well, I suppose we know why it exists. It will be interesting to see what happens in a crisis for sure. I have no idea what will happen at all with crypto. Does the response get used as the solution this next time? Suppose we'll see.

  9. Hm some dumb Youtuber called the 2 dump and pump bullish, Just after the last Rise.
    I said that bitcoin make an extreme weak impression.
    But the time we made 6100 and moved up to 6200 i thought we need another rund and Chance is Like 70 percent to Rise again, surely i gave the bearish Variant Like 60 percent, But at near 6k levels we Pumped 4 Times Hard.

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