Report USI Tech Ponzi Scammers to Online Cyber Crime Fraud Squad

Time to report USI Tech to our Cyber Crime Authorities. There false promises and delay tactics have wasted our time for long enough. Scam artiste leaders and upline are still promoting the…


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    BTC Machine cost: $10,000 to $15,000. Now times that by a product of 3 million that USI Tech has in plans… HMM

    Let me Help:

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    Tax evasion –
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    Tax evasion –…/hm-reven…/contact/reporting-tax-evasion
    Support –

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    Tax evasion –…/how-do-you-report-suspected-tax-fraud…
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    This is a secret, don't show your back office to anyone or else you get in trouble even though we're legit. Yes, we have ground breaking super secret patent energy saving tech that no other legit company saw before us. We cannot tell you more as another company owns and need to keep under-the-hood. Please do not bring cameras to events; that may pick up lies. BTW, we held your money to get the same back years later without interest. BTW, we will be out pf business within a year. Thanks for the free loan BTW. Also, thanks for the suckers that keep buying 2.Zero and techcrap for us to gain more capital and split like Superman.

    Some of my thoughts:
    They're looking at any way to terminate accounts to offset what they cannot afford. Basically, even though USI have been non transparent, they expect you to be okay with that. Sounds to be extortion if you do not behave, we keep what was yours (theft). I am not fine with a loss, but refuse to be pleasant with a "Family" so-called company being not truthful to all.

    If one notices, the italicized words is just another tactic to say we warned those. The latter is a normal passive aggressive statement within the USI playbook to blame customers to not pay you out. Nothing new here. They understand their credibility is gone with their model down the tube if they release for the US or Canada bank run. Stating facts into the light should have NO bearing for the theft of customers money. BLAME THE CUSTOMER, TAKE THE CASH MODEL

    As for the infamous withdrawal button, this will not happen at this time. 'Hanging the carrot' placing the CEO to announce 'we are back' to grab more package and coin monies. Logic would say that they are not solvent and therefor have no INTENT to release what they cannot. Recall the CEO's video where he basically says 'we cannot have all withdrawal at one time" lol. Meaning their reserves are gone even with people ONLY allowed to withdrawal increments. You cannot withdrawal the whole sum if I recall correctly. Notice the payouts have sunk 10x? I feel all, but they are not coming back as they have lost ALL credibility and they know a bank run would EXPOSE what/who they are (when the tide goes out, USI will be swimming naked). Why cannot USI put account statements out? Where's the incredible power saving tech they cannot talk about (super secret)? Why would not huge corporations invest in USI if pulling so much per year with a NEW energy saving technology (Recall, USI claim on many videos that they are raking in the dough). Why is it 48 hours pushed two times now to not meet fulfillment targets? Why has all promoters dropped as 'we are family'? The mining pool buy was spectacular move to have people believe and dump biggie size INVESTMENTS. Where has the mining gone? No audits if they are cleared to TRADE? Does USI know Texas claim has went to expiry to fight for their 'Good Name' lol? Why did the FOREX Guy leave once they moved off the original model to dive into crypto BTC Packages (did he find a potential issue to not degrade his name)? Let's wait for the next carrot on a string for one last swoop of monies/Investments that people may somehow remain to believe…

  2. convinced USI is a scam I only bought 1 packet
    Cant get into my account as their system doesn't recognise my password & it doesn't recognise my email username either  .
    Bitcoin crashing & they are cutting & running .

  3. Name and shame Promoters who have just got in out ..and moved to the next ponzi scheme ….In Australia ..ROSSCO PADDISON gold coast …moved on to Ormeus Global with his top guys (beware of this scammer …he makes out to be the next best thing to Anthony Robbins …Dreamer !) , also Mark Percy …..

  4. USI TECH have acted illegally by removing our 1.0 trading packs (evidence ) which is inhibiting us from correctly fill out any tax obligation in any country worldwide !! they have obviously removed the info to try to hide true amounts that USI TECH owe investors !! report USI TECH to your govt ….After all how can we fill in our tax forms without our info !!!!! how this will backfire on USI TECH ….A GREAT REASON FOR GOVT'S to investigate the scam !!! after all nobody wants to falsify a return ! Bingo ..haha

  5. Keep slaying your viewers with your comedy. The sarcastic American accent is hilarious. Please feel free to venture out to other topics. You could be talking about boiling water and still be engaging to your viewers.

  6. the guys are simply sales and marketing, if you can do both of those things and have no conscious, you can make big money. It is the latter requirement that makes most of us far richer than they will ever be. I'd never sell mine for monetary paper. Stupid boys and girls do that.

  7. Wise words Crypto cruncher, our patients threshold has long been passed. Where's the confirmation message regarding the migration of the system, it's all just a load of bollocks. Nobody will forget these names who all need reporting, Horst Jicha, Ralph Gold, Mike Kieffer, Mike Klinger, Andy Weiner, John Smith, Sharon James, Luc Robitaille, Lee Oakey and no doubt there are loads more. Let's get reporting brothers and sisters 👍

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