Report # 47: Dr. Paul Marko and Dr. Katherine Horton: The Crown Corporation & Slay the Dragon!

Fascinating conversation with two systems analyst experts Dr. Paul Marko and Dr. Katherine Horton with their varied backgrounds in organizational psychology …


  1. 1:00:01 – The Network of Global Corporate Control – in pdf
    Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World by Nicholas Shaxson
    1:25:07 – Caesar's Messiah [The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus] –
    1:25:25 – Zoroaster's Devil and the Fourth Age of Man – Episode One Consciousness in Context – –
    1:37:21 -Santos Bonnacci and The 3 Crowns / bowls@
    1:42:54 to stop feed the dragon is a sinonym for starve the dragon it also means to stop giving narcisist supply to the narc / psicopath
    Narcissist Uses Money to Enslave, Bribe Victim
    Sam Vakins – sugestions – Narcissist and Psychopath Coping Techniques –

  2. Did you know Netflix now has a series called “The Crown” about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It really emphasizes how taking the crown is this super secret responsibility. I really couldn’t figure out the big deal. I thought it was for people who like fairy tales, like fun publicity. Of course, it’s something very serious and involves the entire world powers. Thanks for all the good information and food for thought.


    One is not the Other & The other is not the One.

    don´t get lost in cognitive dissonance by division in gay rights, feminism, racism, Q, pedophilia etc. etc.they are false paradigms since they are true in nature but used as a reaction that have been put down on purpose to be used as a tool to bring up again in a scrypt that has been written a long time ago.

    You are fighting parallelism that reside in double standards – that is a Fail. (psychopathy)

    What would you Die for? Claim yourself! Claim Yourself!

    connect with like minded: insist in your authenticity their mask shatters but one has to be authentic first.
    Break Your Chains! Wake Up!

  4. 00:44:30 is mostly when men is concepting important thoughts – key to understand the transmissable context, their tech comes in and disturb that whole key-understanding. I marked that even a year before when I tried to be on point with a messages on facebook (glad to be away from that fake, data-thief orwelian platform). This tech is, with no doubt, very active in place. #ModernCensure
    #MenWereNeverFree is an #Illusion And for millennia (now) has always been. 😔😓

  5. +-00:41:45 "Kellogs" – "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" -giving you the just needed amount of energy to do wrong (let it sink in…) 😓
    In contrary, you, lovely humans, try to encourage us to WAKE UP in the morning and do GOOD all day.
    I ofcourse see the coorporation-evil their trick right there…
    That's why I love the teachings of dr.Paul Marko (may his soul rest in peace 😔🙏)

  6. Some good info here, however I would bring into this conversation the fact that we are souls having a human experience, Jesus was real he existed and many churches are against the cross with Jesus on it as they believe he lives and was removed from the cross….there are many teachings in the bible that are true, however it appears that one of the books left out was the book of Enoch which describes the magnetic rings around the earth…, I do believe it was changed. I think we cannot assume to fight this war from a purely human perspective…we are not mind and body alone. RIP to the wonderful Dr Marko…God bless you guys that do all of this research on our behalf!

  7. about "who is responsible??" the universities are the crown corporations
    read about ffrancis bacon
    in the 1600s thery fought the
    church with the establishing scientific seceret society
    to replace the church and the monarchy and the inqusition
    with scientific seceret society that control the politics
    since then it just got worse

  8. Excellent discussion and analysis of the death cult creeps currently running things. Here's to displacing them to a locale befitting their true nature (think lake of fire).

    the issue is to win in court
    for that we need also public awarness and protests during court sessions as the judges are all iluminati mind controled soldiers
    who to sue?? the public psychiatric department is the first step
    class action
    the reason: flase tags on the poeple that complain about mind control crimes
    like to sue Al Capone about tax evation
    yet that might work
    we perfrom that in israel

  10. Gnostics existed for thousands of years before christianity came along, burned their libraries of ancient wisdom & spirituality, tortured and murdered priests & priestesses, destroyed their centers of higher learning, all for power and control and sadism. Hello to nonstop torture (Inquisition) & the Middle Ages of widespread ignorance and oppression. Inquisition (torture and murder) continues unabated for anyone with critical thinking skills, intelligence, independent thought, etc. e.g. Witch trials (heretics) of those with sacred knowledge, herbal healing knowledge, any gifts which were deemed a threat to the church's hegemony.

  11. There's a secret military tribunal that is being used for court cases against those being arrested in 13100+ sealed indictments. Such cases include crimes for 9/11 and the real culprits behind the Las Vegas shootings. This is part of the underground war against the Deep State. THIS is where the corporations need to be tried. I'm not sure how to get more information. Maybe inquire through

  12. Ramola D and many friends-I read a few years ago that in the late 1800s the pope at the time declared himself the 'crown' and that the queen has to ask a commission of the pope if she plans some action in the world? (for some reason that info as hard to find now,haha)., the pope then produces a 'bull' and does some hocus pocus over it…in the 1300s the Vatican claimed ownership of everyone and no one has contested itAmerican political-catholic history 'black nobility' is worth a look and the black popeZionists ,masons, jesuits all worship the light bringer (Lucifer)and they BELIEVE…if they are right , we all better find our Faith,…gnosticism is also connected    THE VATICAN OWNS EVERYTHINGby         Justin Taylor | Genesology     The Vatican Owns EverythingOn 18 November 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued the Papal Bull called "Unum Sanctum."Aside from all that was written, the bull ends with the following statement:“Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff."Since the bull declared that the Roman Pontiff has supreme control over the material world, he states that the body (our body) is governed by the soul and the soul is governed by the ruler of the spiritual, therefore – the Roman Pontiff  is Governor of both Soul and body.Basically, what it is saying is that all of the Souls in the world belong to the Roman Catholic Church and apparently, at least in theory, they do … because no one has dared challenged their claim. Your birth certificate is the title of the Soul that they own in their registries. They have registered you and that is the title to your Soul. Like the bank holds the title to your car because you are indebted to them. In fact, your Social Security card is issued to you with your name in all capital letters … which indicates chattel to a Corporation. We are inventory.The Roman Catholic Church has a very long history of tyranny and oppression dating back to the very beginning of it's organization. Because of their desire to control through their crusades and inquisitions, they decided they would create the first Express Trust, called "Unam Sanctum" which was written on a papal bull and placed in their vault. Remember, there are 66 miles of shelving in that vault locked away underground beneath the Vatican.On the papal bull, it says that all of the souls in the world belong to the Roman Catholic Church and they technically do, because no one has challenged their claim. Your Birth Certificate is essentially the title of the Soul that they own in their registries. They have registered you and that is the title to your Soul. Given that there is a small group of Global Elite who control all the world's finances, military, and ecclesiastical resources, this would not be too difficult to believe.The Inquisition began because many people were waking up to the tyranny and oppression of the Roman Catholic Church in the early 1300’s. The RCC killed these people due to their need to control humanity. And kill they did. In the millions it is estimated. And it wasn't pretty. Not even Stephen King could come up with some of the ways they "tortured and disposed" of people who opposed them. 200 years later during the Renaissance, the Hermetica (based upon the Ancient Wisdom and teachings of Hermes) was available, which is where the Bible draws all of its inspiration from, along with previous civilizations and their rituals and beliefs. This knowledge was also suppressed by the RCC … for centuries.Global Elite families control the Vatican and the Corporation (the incorporation of the Apostle Peter). They also control the US Military, and the London Financial District – all three of which are independent city/states. The control center is the Crown Temple Syndicate. The Washington DC private corporation Federal Estate is actually owned and controlled by the London Crown Temple Syndicate. The Syndicate, through the House of Windsor, owns approximately 1/6 of the Earths land surface. But I digress …In 325 CE, the emperor, Constantine the Great, made a donation to his Pope, Sylvester saying, “Saint Peter is the Apostle of Jesus of whom Jesus gave this kingdom of Earth to, therefore we are going to claim taxes.” We pay taxes to Rome, the Khazarian and Venetian Black Nobility elite families based on a fictional document from Constantine issued the year of the First Council of Nicea and the creation of what has become modern day Christianity.Because of a decree written by Pope Nicholas V in 1455, the RCC owns everything, Even what you think you might own such as your car, house or even the pair of shoes you are wearing belongs to the RCC (in their twisted minds). That 4th of July thing? Foggetaboutit. The good 'ol USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Crown and a full-blown Corporation. It began as "The Virginia Company," and then ultimately became, "The United States of America Corporation."We can also thank Pope Gregory for the current Gregorian calendar, which rearranged the previous Julian calendar to match the Pagan holidays that the Roman Catholic Church now claims as Christian holidays. Do your research my friends. Things are not as they seem. It's a shell game, and they can put the ball wherever they want it to show up … just like magic. Hide it under our nose, and we won't even see it. A coin, always two faces … and nobody ever pays much attention to the side/rim that bind the two as one. Question everything … everything.Just a thought …Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., far as the bible is concerned   I  have Seen evil up close and I have SEEN Good up close((the luciferians described in this video believe in the bible so it isn't important for that reason to believe)…the original King James Version(king james  was not nice) is the most direct translation …there is a bible a year written and none can be trusted especially the popes versions…before the printing press info was passed verbally and for that reason I don't think the Word was messed with as much…if the translations are compared in ancient language they are surprisingly similar…giving that there are powers greater than us humans (like the one that gives life0,i believe that they "Good and evil, have an agreement ,rules to follow?) that we HAVE TO CHOOSE our direction (hence the inquisition's-deny your God or more torture?)…so the bible would need to contain the knowledge to make an  informed decision…the way things were way back(say Babylon)like today (say pedo-satanic-ceremonial entertainment and reward system?)is it possible that so many were into it that someone came (from Good) to strongly and bravely (like yourselves) suggest another way    and could he have been called YASHEWA ?Creator God bless…doug

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