Rentberry ICO Review – Decentralized Home Rental Platform

In this video, I review Rentberry’s upcoming initial coin offering. In my point of view, there is risk investing in this ICO. I am going to pass on this ICO. This is my …


  1. I believe that if you spend the time and energy providing reviews, and doing interviews.. to your network (which it takes a lot to build).. there should be an industry standard that coins are provided by the org.. and that all reviewers and interviewers are honest, unbiased, and critical in their processes. I also believe that reviewers/interviewers should be given the opportunity to come in as advisors, early in the process, to then truly get behind the project with review/interview, being transparent that one is an advisor in all correspondences. This creates a level of commitment to solid projects, that one can truly get behind, and invite their followings to also get behind. I believe that with bounty program/offerings that invite all influencers to do just this, brings in a wave of coins that are #hodl "beyond the moon", with no reason for any influencers or their followings to let go of the coins, for the entire process of launch, and scale.
    Let's raise awareness of this simple adjustment on all "influencer" Youtuber channels, in the comments, so the industry standard is put in place.
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  3. I've got a query… if Rentberry has managed to raise 20 million USD in 14 days of the ICO going live, then surely the hard cap of 30 million USD would have been reached long ago… why is the ICO still running till the end of Feb? Any thoughts?

  4. Ian, I rate your reviews highly but this was really shoddy. It is actually disrespectful to your audience as you clearly did not do any analysis of the ICO before making this video. You are doing everything on the fly. It smacks of arrogance. Not your finest hour

  5. Poor team and not enough marketing ability or reach to get in good markets of USA and East Asia. Many localised problems with real estate market. Idea is good but execution will be weak. AVOID. Although slightly different concept like Air BNB, Bee token will be far better with team and execution!

  6. Instead of reviewing the coin on first impression you really should actually do your research and read the whitepaper. First time watching your video and I have the impression that you are extremely unprofessional and novice in crypto investments

  7. I really like your reviews on different ICOs like rentberry, props, elastos, etc. 2017 has been a great year for cryptos in general. Would love to know your views on different privacy oriented coins like Komodo, PIVX and especially DeepOnion since the array of features it exhibits makes the coin really appealing.

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