Rekt! Bitcoin Breaks Lower as the Crypto Markets Sell Off

Bitcoin price technical analysis for October 11, 2018. Quick update on BTC ETH VET & ICX.


  1. The entire market cap of ALL cryptos is only around $200 billion, probably less now. That is much less than a singe DOW component. Global gold market is $8 trillion by comparison. Also, notice that during the last two days of stock declines, money went into GOLD for safety and not cryptos.

    Just admit bitcoin and all its clones were a pump and dump. Gold has been in use for over 5000 years! Most people who hold cryptos now bought during the hype pump phase, just as the pumpers wanted.

    By the way, the bitcoin global network is a joke. It can process like 5 transactions a second. Visa can do like 6000-8000 per second. Bitcoin is neither a means of exchange or a store of value.

  2. Bitcoin was launched right after 2008 financial crisis. It was designed to prevent something like that from happening again so I have full confidence in bitcoin for next financial crisis.

  3. stocks are dead crypto is not seeing a massive loss we are still above 6000 for christ sake lol. Stocks busted through 200 day moving average and trend line support. Thats very very bad news. Crypto will recover easily and eventually see a huge pump!

  4. I honestly believe that we’re going to see a bear trap like you’re talking about. I don’t think the down trend will be sustained bc how many more sellers can there possibly be? And how many buy orders at 5.8k? Thousands and thousands. The most Polish news like everywhere all the time for the most part all news is foolish but price is staying stagnant or dropping slightly which tells me it’s just a pressure cooker waiting to explode to the upside.

  5. I can't stand how hostile this comment section turns because people can't do statistics. If something has a 70% of breaking upwards it's still a good trade. Really appriciate your content and always have node!

  6. This is the best Thumbnail you've posted. LMAO REKKKKKKKT. People are STILL getting rekt rn. Like, how tf do people get liquidated in Long positions that were clearly in profit. Swapped into an ETH short and opened an ETH Long at 202 but goddamn I AM NERVOUS!!! This is definitely one of the "later in the day" posts you've made in a hot minute outside your group.

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