Red Wave is Coming Tomorrow, 2434

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  2. Anyone seen a red wave around here?

    It went missing last night during "the most important election EVER" (as usual).

    Description: red and "yuge."

    If found, call 1-800-RED-LOST

  3. AT 4:15 pm PACIFIC USA and every day a prayer team will launch to stop the UN agenda and Soros We will pray against them in the name of JESUS THE CHRIST and take them all down! we are in a spiritual war and one we must win! ten minutes of your time can make the difference for just two weeks also at 4:30 pm pacific we will pray against the caravans to disperse and break them up, we will see you their in the spirit for ten minutes or twenty your choice! they all must be stopped, the UN is our enemy it is Gods enemy and they will not step one foot in this country! GOD GAVE US THIS NATION AND THE LAND AND WE WILL PROTECT IT AT ALL COSTS!! MY WEAPON OF CHOICE IS PRAYER THEN THE M16 IF NEEDED! We wii take them all down with nothing but prayer Obama, bush, both Clintons and that entire rat filled garbage can ANTIFA SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST WONT STAND MUCH LONGER! Trump started it and we can help him finish it!! so put on the warrior suit and WARRIOR mentality because that is exactly what we are the very minute you link in the spirit!! WE ARE CITIZEN SOLDERS IN GODS ARMY RIGHT NOW!! ALL OF US! AND IT WILL TAKE ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!! We wont need guns or ballots to do it JUST THE SPIRIT OF GOD!

  4. It might not be a good idea to have someone who is described as a "legend of the Republican Liberty Caucus" and is also a member of The Heartland Institute as your favorite poll analyzer. He clearly lacks the dispassion required in a good poll analyzer.

  5. I respect the fact that you’re prediction of red wave was based upon what everybody else was feeling. At least you didn’t claim that God revealed to you, or showed you, in a dream or vision like the other fools peddling their fake prophecies. I’m very disappointed that the Demonrats captured the house . (sad days ahead). By the way I also believe there would be a red tsunami and we were all wrong.

  6. Nope the blue won Democrats, I voted all red, but they said my vote didn't get count, provisional. I can't believe Diane Feinstein won didnt they see the biggest court hearing. she should have went to jail, yet voted back in. 😫

  7. FALSE PROPHETS NO RED TSUNAMI WE LOST THE HOUSE OPEN BORDERS, RAPES MURDERS, INVESTIGATIONS AGAINST THE POTUS, KAVANAUGH AND IMPEACHMENT! WE DREW THE LARGEST CROWDS AND GUESS WHAT! We still lost! This is their fraud where was God?! Those filthy democrats still win?! How does that happen?! God was supposed to help us! This is a joke! What the hell is the use?! They know how to steal like they always do!

  8. I guess tomorrow Never Comes? Only Q or jELF Shitsons can save us now. Yeah Right Sure! Where was the Red October, or even Red Nov. 6th. FIRE! Shitsons, RodentSwine, and ultimately MuleFaceJackASS! Start Indicting All The Evil Snakes! HELLIEary, james Commie, McSCAB, InBrednnan, Clapper, Strzok! The Ohrs! and how about Millionaire! CRAZY! (tan i hab a wolly pop peezee?) Chrissy Fraud! Merry Christmas in Prison!! But probably Nothing is going to happen?

  9. I don't understand how dems can win any of the states when President Trump rallies filled out the entire arena plus thousands outside that can't get in vs. Obama's rallies who can't even filled out a high school gym unless there's a voter fraud.

  10. Don't you find it curious that so many elections are "neck and neck?" So we are supposed to believe Americans don't like money. Instead of owning their own homes they would much rather live in abject poverty and live on the street.

    That we don't give a hoot about our security therefore why build a wall? Why have ICE? In fact, we Americans don't want a border at all! What do we care about a great future? Let's just live for today!

    No my friends here's the truth as to why America is neck to neck. We are not neck to neck against Americans. We are running against dirty cheating people who couldn't care less about ANYTHING OR ANYONE save themselves!

    POWER AND CONTROL are what they want over you. And they don't care what they do; in fact, they (the Democratic party) have a saying, "whatever it takes" to get it!

    Busing illegals from foreign nations to get their illegal vote which fires up the illegals already here to vote, busing them from churches which now spew politics and no longer religion, and making up names and unburying the long dead so they may vote has become pandemic with the DemoncRATS!

    "WHATEVER IT TAKES" right Hillary? Isn't that correct Maxine, Nancy and Chucky boy. Isn't that right child loving Podesta brothers and Joey?

    Yeah, it's hard to cross the finish line when so many cheaters stick their foot out to trip you. And still, we are neck and neck according to the biased news and their polls. It will only be by prayers and the grace of God that we keep the House and Senate.

    Let him, God use you and VOTE no matter what! As far as I see it it is America voting against the world and their long-held fake news biased media where one well-known anchor, I won't mention his name here, ( Don Lemon) actually stated that the greatest terrorists in this county are white men! Thank the lord white men don't believe in the reciprocal.

    Bottom line VOTE RED! And help to take back this great nation from those who could care less!

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