1. @jsnip4 Will you please make a video of the coins that you are most bullish on? And think will yield the best return during this next bull market? THANK YOU SNIPPY!!!! (: (: (:

  2. XBT Provider in Europe lets you invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum within an exchange traded note. Spreads are high but this is a great product if you have a frozen pension as they let you move it over to an account you invest yourself. Because the spreads are high this forces you to hodl.

  3. Joe, there is a debate brewing between Jared Tate/Josiah Spackman from Digibyte, and Charlie Lee from Litecoin. Charlie seems a bit rude, perhaps pretentious, but regardless, it looks like he is willing to participate in an official "discussion". I find it amusing that Charlie Lee said in response to an invite saying, "That could work if it's a discussion. I don't want it to be marketed as a debate." WTF? Two people coming together to talk about how their view is the correct view is the very definition of "debate." Does he think we're all stupid?

    I have a great idea for one of your videos. I know Clif seems to be scarce these days, but if you can get him on board, it would be awesome to see you, Clif, and Jared discussing Digibyte at a more technical level. And where Clif has had nothing but positive things to say about the Digibyte project, I think a lot of us would love to have him go deeper into the code. Charlie Lee says the claims about Digibyte security and other aspects are bullshit. We want to know why he thinks this. And we want to be certain about whether this is the case or not. For the majority of us who are not coders, we still need more information from the coding level. We just need someone to provide the perfect bridge between technical and layman. If Charlie is wrong, the community needs to know. Not for the sake of proving him wrong, but rather because his being a well know figure in the space gives him disproportionate leverage when he speaks. And if he's wrong about Digibyte, he is bringing unnecessary negativity to a project that does not deserve it. With that said, if he's wrong, and can be proven wrong, that short-lived negativity will be well worth the exposure to bring things to light. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. oooorh 100k party goody hahaha who knows, it could stay where it is and go nowhere. no body really knows. this is sounding exciting. but what happened with Amazon? did that one happen? it's not movin nowhere right now.

  5. Joe do you know why I've fallowers you for the last 3 or so years. Because your the freaking man bro thanks for the happy words we've been through alot of these slow times now it'll be ok

  6. The ETF will be fast tracked. Even if accredited investors have to wait until first quarter 2019 at the latest to invest, the ETF will need to purchase and hold large amounts of Bitcoins prior to launch.

  7. Joe I only lived there a year…but I think until we break key support levels most of your subs are from MISSOURI…SHOW US! Remember last year? That Carly Simon song applied: "It was so easy then…"
    Many who got in a year or so ago and got out partially between mid-October and December before things got ruined did very well. With zero psychic input. Clif is not a psychic. You did "VERI" well thanks to Clif also. Where would you and we be had there been no webbot?
    We who aren't getting income from subscriptions and like Bix who divorced from CC and V once they became all in as traders are thinking traders, especially those who short, are possibly adding to the problem, we are saying, "SHOW US!!, as in gains that matter. Also, how many HODLers have a number in their head where they will sell at least partially on the way up? So, there's pent up demand to sell too. Just sayin!

  8. You're delusional. We won't get anywhere near $100K this year. You really need to stop taking financial advice from fortune tellers and webbots as it will result in you losing everything. Why no mention of the Webbot MISS for the "four days in July (9th to 12th)"???? You're really stretching credibility vlaiming that the ETF rumours are a webbot hit.

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