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  1. if it wasnt for you and your solid analysis i would be all depressed at the state of crypto – but im not – you called these sorts of lows months ago. you explained that lows like this are PERFECTLY NORMAL after a crazy parabolic rise that we had in December 2017. thank you for your great honest appraisals. we dont need 4600 cryptos – the sooner 4500 of them die the better.

  2. @Real Crypto… your channel is killer, and you know your shit. But I need to fill you in on something. I suspect you are using the word 'intrinsic' the way stock traders use it, rather than those who study economics by Mises and other true scientific economic theory…… so……. The 'intrinsic' means that the thing in question has real value IN AND OF ITSELF. …..EXAMPLE… Food has intrinsic value because IN AND OF ITSELF it can (and DOES) perform the act of feeding/nourishing your living body. It is not just valuable because someone "insisted that it is" or "Decreed It To Be So" or "Proclaimed that it shall BUY NOURISHMENT, or declared that it shall SATISFY YOUR HUNGER". Food does this IN AND OF ITSELF and it requires no Outside Proclamations or Belief Systems to accomplish this universal truth. …NEXT… Bitcoin/cryptocurrency is NOT 'intrinsically' valuable. It's value springs from from a Collective Delusion. Which although (at this time in history) CAN be traded with US dollars to buy food to feed you… Bitcoin CANNOT IN AND OF ITSELF… F-E-E-D a body. Do you understand your difference/misconception now, between collectively proclaiming value to a thing, and the intrinsic value that certain things in nature possess In And Of Themselves? Commodities such as Silver, also have 'intrinsic' value… because the metal silver is an element in the natural world that CANNOT be reproduced in a laboratory, and IN AND OF ITSELF it has electrical properties that allow it to be IRREPLACABLE in applications such as cell phones, computers or solar panels. It's value comes from ' ITSELF ' rather than from COLLECTIVE DELUSIONS, or DECREES, or DECLARATIONS that it shall be of value. (stop and really let that fact sink in) …Now… that difference is so clearly CRYSTAL that I am looking for a reply of AMEN from you bro, because you are a high IQ individual who is sharp as a tack…. LOLOLOLOLOLOL (I hope you can admit that I speak the truth.) 😉 ..Anyone who wants to know more…. t starts with Austrian Economics, and writers such as Murray Rothbard, Ludwig Von Mises. I must caution you that this difference between "collective delusion" and true "intrinsic value" is NEVER taught to the masses in state schools or by the main stream media. On the contrary… it is INTENTIONALLY MIS-TAUGHT in order to confuse the average person about money, economic truth, and what actually gives things 'real value'. And in the spirit of that last sentence… I want to sincerely Thank you for offering all of us REAL VALUE (through your own physical hard work and study, your use of your time and effort, and your charity to us,) by sharing that value to educate us about charting and confirmation of both bull AND BEAR patterns absolutely FREE on youtube. You are a good person for doing that.

  3. Enough with the capitulation talk. It doesn't have to capitulate. Slow bleeds over time can amount to the same amount as capitulation. Just enjoy your short and stop using the "C" word. The market makers already know thats what everyone is looking for.

  4. Always a premature “I told you so” every time the price goes down, silence when the price goes up. you think you’d have learned your lesson by now.. although it’s probably going down this time..

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