Ransomware – Anatomy of an Attack

See how an effective ransomware attack comes together. This is why today’s enterprises require effective security. For more on how Cisco looks to keep …


  1. Awesome! It seems like "the great divide" getting clients to understand setting up security.
    Then taking the steps (or clicks) to avoiding causing a breach…
    Cisco rocks!!

  2. Very reminiscent of the underlying plot line behind Mr Robot – that no matter what the hackers' intentions are, the repercussions dont become obvious until after the initial attack.

  3. …talk about playing with people's fear. Nice business strategy Cisco. Dedicate some resources into supporting end users instead; I have a phone I tried for 6 months to make it work; finally I gave up and moved to another platform. Couldn't be happier.
    I'm over it but other users might still be trying, at least some self-help portal even if you charge that ridiculous support contract fees you love to charge. Just an idea.

  4. It's about time security organisations got serious with these guys. When one of them is tracked down, they should send in a team of hit men to take them out. That would not only be a deterrent, but would stop them spreading their cancer to other criminals while in prison, or when they get out. This is not just a national security problem. It's a world security crisis.

  5. What they just showed was a new form of Ransomware called Ransomware As A Service. A website located in the darknet where anyone can signup for free and use their own computer as a method of deploying the malware.

    For everyone who gets a victim to pay up they are given a percentage of the ransoms paid as a commission of sorts. Othertimes they are offered that and free decryptions if they ever get infected themselves.

    With the use of a Live Boot OS like TAILS with built in forensic countermeasures and enforced Tor or I2P connections this kind of business is impossible to track by any means.

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