1. Saw them from the middle of a field near Noth Weald Airdrome in Essex with my friends Rob Nunnery and his daughter Vicoria and Tony Crudgington and one of his sons Harley. Good to see what they looked like flying over the Palace though. I must say the Queen looked very inteested , I didnt see her look up once, and Charles looked at Camilla as if to say the grouse will be ready soon dear lol,

  2. Every now and then in life, something gives you that spine-tingling feeling right?. The RAF have been at the forefront of "Tech" development (not just aviation) for a 100 years. My sincere thanks to the MANY stakeholders involved to make this special event happen. I just wish my English grandparents were alive to witness the moment, because evidently Her Majesty had a beaming smile which we all love to see. The whole week (Goodwood now RIAT) has just reminded me that the sun never sets on the empire!

  3. So many American aircraft, makes me sick. Yes I know the UK can't for financial reasons produce completely home designed aircraft, but it's still makes me sick. Also retiring the Tornado is a mistake, like retirng the Harrier. The Germans are to continue using the Tornado in preferance to buying the F-35, and USMC still use there version of the Harrier. So Sad.

  4. No aircraft from the first world war? No aircraft from the twenty's through to the mid thirties? Vampire? Lightning? No v bomber? Thought it was a bit disappointing even from this RAF admirer.

  5. I tell you what, as a veteran myself and seeing these new machines, it’s fucking awesome to be British and to be alive. How exciting. Well done to everyone in that display. Any I hope everyone has a great weekend. Cheers

  6. Very moving and worrying. Moving because of the great tradition of gallantry of our armed forces and the RAF in particular on this day. Worrying as the new and future aircraft on show are all made abroad thus greatly reducing our ability to defend ourselves in any sustained conflict. The second world war was a triumph of the human spirit on land sea and air-and the factories, mines and farms. Perhaps we need to look again at our ability to produce equipment as good in its day as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and mosquito were in theirs.

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