1. Hey man im from Sydney, i want someone or a shop that knows about hard ware wallets, i want to buy one but they seem to be difficult to use and i want to learn how to trade from them and i dont want to wreck it up because im new. Do you know a shop in Sydney that can help me use them? thanks

  2. I have a question, if anyone can help. Have a look at Binance today, BTC page is all in the red, the ETH page is all in the green, everything is 5-10 % up, if you were looking at that you would think its a good day. Theres something I dont get here…

  3. OTC trading surely has a negative effect on prices as the trading isn't going through the exchanges and hence supply and demand don't come into it. Insto investors will only trade OTC while available as they couldn't fill orders of the size they want at the price they want in exchanges.Imagine if this happened in existing security trading, it would be off to jail for you….

  4. Surely since the SEC has not acted as yet is a good sign Crypto won’t be classified as a security under the old system? And a new system specifically tailored to crypto will emerge

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