1. 7/10 are these the MAPs? (Minor Attracted Person(s)) —- 7 out of 10 members of the US National Park Service advisory board, appointed under former President Barack Obama, have resigned.

  2. Q is my 12 year old neighbor. She was laughing hysterically when she told me she started an internet phenom. But now I see it even made it to YT.

  3. I agree with going more public with everything. Otherwise the "normies" will think its all a ruse. Sometimes a good shock is what is needed to get ppls attention. Like catfish and cod, the cod dont like the poking, its painful, but it keeps them awake, alert, and in better shape. 50/50 would be great.

  4. George Webb possibly? For all his many hours of researching and walking the streets daily in D.C. and N.Y. with tireless dedication. He's been ahead of the news for over a year now. Just sayin

  5. I am adamant to follow George Webb – he is doing incredible investigation into this huge debacle. George thinks that he may be the George Q is mentioning in today's post.

  6. I would not call the Q posts as leaks. He or they if real can only give vague general hints without being an insider who is breaking the law by telling confidential info.
    Versus WikiLeaks who are a legit news agency that may receive whistle blowers info or Seth Rich who stole DNC lies and Gabe them to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks Did not steal the DNC info. Nor do they ever reveal whistleblowers names.

  7. Holy shit. The way people delude themselves into believing what they want to believe is staggering. Critical thinking be damned. I'm going to base all my hopeful political fan fiction on cryptic posts from an anonymous internet user. Brilliant. I'm sure this will pan out EXACTLY as you hope. LOL.

  8. It was Lynne de Rothschild. He spoke to her several times, and she was always trolling him on Twitter. He was just responding to her. He also referred to her in brackets separately as L d R.

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