Pundi X and BABB update! Quick Review on Bitcoin Diamond and why You Should Invest!

On this video we give an update on PUndi X and BABB based from previous video on price speculations. Please keep in mind that this video is intended for …


  1. Check out PeepCoin (PCN) is swapping / rebrand in the works to DAPS anonymous coin with 100% staking rewards now until swap, 1mil coins for MasterNode which dirt cheap compared to others; great dev team, community growing, superior tech in the works… check it out!

  2. Has anyone tried doing the coin swap yet? My Pundi is on Bancor exchange but they’re already showing as NPXS. Does this mean my coins have already been swapped? I thought the swap would make 1 PXS= 1000 NPXS

  3. As an artist who is starting to sell in cons, XPOS looks amazing; however, and please excuse the complete ignorance, how do I buy it? NXPS is not listed on Binance, and I can't figure out how to buy on the pundix website.

  4. If you go in on PundiX it looks like you can literally just buy a couple million and live on the 7% monthly air drop for 6 months and take a break from day trading, lol!

  5. Hi Romeo, thank you for backing up Pundi X. The first time I saw their website, I immediately joined their Pre-ICO without any hesitation. I was one of the first contributors when they started. I still strongly believed in Pundi X, they had a good team, especially their CEO Zac.

    Now I am very satisfied with their achievements, and certainly am sure about their bright future. I am counting on Pundi X for a new house… ha ha ha.

  6. Hi. Could you please tell me if there is a wallet for Pundi X and Babb? If so can you give me the names? I'm very new to this. I enjoyed your video. Very informative! Thanks

  7. HAHA now everyone's jumping on the Pundi X bandwagon. I fucking screamed and yelled, and told EVERYONE ABOUT PUNDI X AND NOBODY LISTENED. lol I've been in Pundi X since .004, and if it drops back to that level again or lower I will dump more money into it. I doubt it will ever get back to that price ever again.

  8. Romeo….please help me I'm desperate!!!I have no idea on how to buy anything!! I want to get in on this revolution and I'm getting sick to my stomach just watching pundi x go up and not being able to do anything about it cause don't understand how buy or anything.. .can I give you my phone number#??? I live in Wyandotte Michigan and am a pretty normal guy. My daughter and granddaughter live with me …love your channel the most out of all the channels out there..you seem to have superior knowledge. My comment and reply notification is on. If you reply back I'll hear it…thanxs

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