CFTC is taking action against Pump n Dump, Buffet doesn’t think Bitcoin is investing, Bitcoin.com sued!


  1. I think there is no need to save people from pump’n dump operations:
    1) if somebody wins, they are happy
    2) if somebody looses, he will learn a lot (or not)
    3) if somebody thinks long term and more mature, they will ignore these groups
    4) the best action against pump’n dump groups is simply totally ignore them. They will dry up very soon.
    So regulation in this is not needed.

  2. Best audio in the Game! You're so damn professional Brother! Watch out for CNN to headhunt you up 2 run their Crypto Segment!

  3. Warren Buffet now trashes BTC as a denial of having missed investing but ultimately, and very soon, he will again be apologizing to his investors for having missed BTC.

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  6. The individual should answer for his mistakes. Learn to do your due diligence and be an adult and pay for your sins. Do research, hire a consultant, just do whatever it takes and make wise decisions. Government agencies are illegitimate at their fundamental level. They're not created to protect the little guy or to facilitate Natural Market functions. Government is an intrusive Mafia that has no legitimacy.

  7. I took a long run up and jumped on an extra bouncy trampet before vaulting through the air performing a double forward somersault and absolutely smashing the like button with a sledge hammer in each hand!

    I received a perfect 10 for my dismount and landing, also. Unfortunately, one smash cancelled out the other and so I had to click it again with my mouse as I was too tired to go through all that again. I hope you don't mind? After all, it's the THOR-t that counts!

  8. If you look at Warrens verbage and arguments over time he is being crypto schooled by somebody. His arguments are getting a little clearer which indicates an open mind to atleast start to critically think about this space. My forecast is that he will lean towards Xrp at some point in the future. I know everyone hates xrp but this is my opinion.

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