Psychic Utsava about Bitcoin, EOS, Theta pump and dump by JSNIP4, PPT, FUN,QSP,BAT,ETC,ZIL,0x.

The crypto space offers this same type of opportunity to pump-and-dump fraudsters, and wanna-be experts, preying on the desires of those who have less.


  1. I get it Jsnip4 con man front-running the show with psychics-and some remote viewers-to say at the least, to attract costumers right? Then one of the psychics, Utsava acts like a black sheep, away from the crowd-baaaeeehh very bad sheep, now we need to trash her right, so I can pump my theta, not only that lie about her predictions she has on Video to prove, and threaten to ruin her reputation on her cell phone baeeehhhh police have the record…very bad black sheep Utsava is from saying something else than other sheep……bhaeee…

  2. Thanks for the reading the other day, as usual you were spot-on. My mother did get the job and the ruling was positive, just the way you said. Don't give that con man any energy, we know where to look for your predictions that are all on video and very different than they smear you with. No one else has seen the predictions they smear you with, because these are fairytales. Same you have not been busy, you have been swamped with sessions we all know that. We know you have been very accurate, others have not they are jelous and smear you with fake news.

  3. Where you when binarycoin ico had their sale? and that AI coin that was a scam (there are some great coins also have ai in their name sorry I only remember the Ai for artificial intelligence in their name ? Maybe you only talk about coins, hope to see you talk about some ico's thanks I don't hear you SAY A WORD ABOUT EOS You talk about whats bad but please spend more time talking about whats good just saying, because we get what we focus on I want to focus on good things …

  4. This is so beyond a joke that words cannot even describe its absurdity. The Crypto market needs legitimacy! All of these Crypto quack videos will be targeted by YouTube, as a form of dangerous and unqualified financial advising, and they'll be booted. I can't wait for that day to come for the benefit of the Crypto market. You can call the stock market crooked, and you'd be right, but it functions on high-level and educated due diligence. It's also policed…not well but it won't allow blatant thieving all over the place. The Crypto market will find its way to stock market standards (higher would be nice)…eventually. No serious investors or institutions, of real volume, will enter a space crippled with liquidity restraints that's overrun with pump and dump clubs, self-appointed experts advising and coaching, psychics long already proven wrong time and time again and financially illiterate cons in search of stealing from decent people who, for whatever reason, are vulnerable. I don't fault youth or inexperience. Not having a financial background is also no crime so I would never judge people who fall for this…but I would beg them to reconsider! I'm back, over and over and over again, to the oldest and simplest argument in the book….if these people knew shit from shine-ola, they would not need your money!! These people are the biggest liabilities in the Crypto space's progression to legitimacy. I 100% guarantee you this woman knows nothing about the economy and has no financial qualifications or credentials. No one has even accumulated wealth via psychic tips. Cryptos used to be a self-contained space. Now, with growth and greater interest, it faces integration with the economy so "experts" have got to understand far more than just Cryptos. They have to understand how the economy works and how Cryptos will blend into it. This woman doesn't have a clue and, if you caught her off-guard and asked her the simplest questions about the economy, she'd have a blank stare on her face. This bullshit is exactly what elites want. They want the" little guy" to self-destruct by acting on ridiculous advice instead of thorough due diligence . Taking advice from people, like this, is a recipe for self-destruction. Consider the source!!

  5. Your neighbor could be a Pedophile and you not know it…. 1 guy being accused of stuff before, in his past, doesnt make EOS a pedo token. He wasnt a developer or something in core team, was more like a marketing guy and EOS token holder which by the way was involved in many many other projects in Crypto world. As soon as this stuff about his past came out , EOS cut marketing ties with him , I dont see how they could have done more than that.
    As for EOS as an interface blockchain…. I wont say even 1 good thing to convince anyone, its fricking obvious…. everyone should use their own brain , and if someone doesnt, I dont really care.

  6. I just found out that Jsnip4 Realist news, and his wife have posted under several, many various fake accounts on the internet, below my videos and his own videos, as well as in his trade call group, they have been lying about readings and smearing me with predictions that never happened. I have 100% proof and I'm certain that it is all them. They have been stalking me all over the internet with false predictions I never made. When I call them on it, they say there were videos I would have deleted, while my followers know, I have never deleted a video of mine and never will. This is a 100% fake smear campaign in order to discredit me in an attempt to pump the Theta coin and their psychics promoting it, who have no accurate track record. I do have an accurate track record and have for a very long time. It is also false that I was out of a job, was not busy, everyone knows that it has been decades that I had a regular job and have been swamped with readings for a very long time, to the point that at the moment I'm not taking on any new clients and I have been booked months ahead of time. Jsnip knows that because I have told him that. Please do not believe the fake predictions him and his groupies claim I have made I did not make them. All of my predictions are on Vimeo, on Youtube and on the Patreon. Jsnip is a scammer and has thousands of complaints against him.

  7. Just wondering about the dark energy you mentioned. I assume all the oil companies and company like Monsanto also carry the dark energy. However they still make shit load of money. I m concern about people losing their shirt rather than what energy the coins are carrying. People can do good with the money they made. Are you able to tell us whether those coins you mentioned will succeed or not please

  8. CHECKOUT *HTMLCOIN*! . . . . just so you know that there are still a few coins out there that for 2grand investment can still net you millions. And this is not delusional thoughts of grander either. Here's a token you should also look into very seriously. Its called VERITASEUM (VERI). Yes you can still make millions with just a cple of thousand dollars IF you know the rite coins to put that 2K into. And you cant go wrong with LTC either at $74.00 per coin.

  9. I'm sorry but THETA will be very decentralized and everyone will be able to stake. You say there is nothing special about it but it has a working product and will do very well. Every physic that I have spoke to has told me THETA will go much higher than I think. So I respectfully disagree with you about THETA. However EOS I will stay far away from. Thank you for doing this video and stating your opposing opinion.

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