1. Hi Jack: May I ask how you protect your crypto? Do you use cold storage, and if so, do you have a recommended method (Nano, KeepKey, Trezor) or paper? Also, do you recommend any particular website to track all of your crypto (blox.io, etc.). Thanks and love the videos!

  2. If we're trading on Binance we only have access to 9 USDT trading pairs. 1. Isn't the most important thing to find a good trading pair? 2. Do you actually trust Tether with your money? 3. If you trade an untethered pair and the whole market goes down overnight, you just lost your profits in real dollar terms, right?

  3. Hi CryptoJack! Nice video! Binance is a big exchange and they are interested in listing Privacy-oriented coins like Zcash, Monero, and DeepOnion, what are your thoughts on these coins? will you make a video soon of that topic?

  4. Hi everyone! I am considering to connect to the trading alert system for $49…has anyone tried? Can l get any informations from users on whether it has valuable tips, possibly profit? Thanks.

  5. Great vid. I really wanted to see how you set the stop loss in Binance, but your face was blocking the Binance sell box. Possible you could do a vid on stop losses? Also do you have vid on how you connect 3Commas to Binance? Great content either way! Brand new sub…

  6. You should give us a couple of examples of trades you actually implemented this with like the part of it buying and selling as the price changes

  7. These bots require at least some access you our funds, which defeats the whole purpose of protecting our crypto assets. Best to learn Python and Java and program your own.

  8. Hi jack. I wach your videos now for a while. I want to get your trading alerts so i know when to buy and sell ect.. but i have no credit card… is there an other way to get in your community? I do have a bank account

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