Proof Bitcoin Invite IS A SCAM

Bitcoin invite is a scam it is not paying… Crypto Bank for crypto people if you would like to Join or find out more about it click on the link below …


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  2. This is a Big SCAM and not free at all! they rob you from money and time with sms surveys from 0.90 cents a minute! When you're finished with the survey site reloads if nothing has happened. You will loose friends as well because they get lured in this scam as well and that because of you invited them! It's about time something happens and those responsible get sued! But Google is not gonna help because they make profit as well with those scams! So forget FREE BITCOINS or MONEY! It ain't gonna happen! Only the air you inhale is free! And that's now a days also toxix just as this SCAM site

  3. Always do a review! Type the site name and reviews like: bitcoin invite reviews and see what others say about them.
    If there is no reviews than I move on to ones that do. They may be a scam and not reported yet.
    To get into the best ones type: best bitcion sites A bunch of sites will come up and go through the pros and cons of each.

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