Predicting a Trend

The theory behind the cycle of the market from uptrend to downtrend and back again is explained in detail. This includes identifying buyer/seller exhaustion, stop …


  1. Awesome content! thanks for sharing!Please, try to use dark themes in your presentations, might be better for sensible eye, and, idk if you already posted about it, but make a video about the sudden BTC deposit in major exchange wallets then the sudden BTC/USD price drop (caused by manipulation etc) would be a nice sentiment reading cenario

  2. Shouldn't phase 3 be called minimum potential sellers or maximum potential buyers? Seems strange to have both the ATH phase and this one be labeled maximum potential sellers.

  3. Do you think that perhaps with the positioned vs. potential buyers example that the bull run is difficult to attribute to the positioned buyers who got stopped out, becoming potential buyers?
    Looking at the volume there, during the stop-loss hunt, there is very little market selling. Assuming that it is that volume that becomes potential buyers, very few of them in comparison contribute to the market buy volume in the bull run.

    Could it be that their buying broke support and extra volume from other traders bought the breakout?
    Or perhaps it was on another exchange that there were far more people caught in a stop loss hunt? Price being mirrored across?

    Thanks for reading

  4. Your video reminded me of Graham's fundamentals if you have ever read the intelligent investor, there is a lot truth spoken bear market long buyers and aggressive traders, just as with common stocks bear markets are a good time to position but however in strong companies in this case Coins, i feel in such scenarios it is important to note coins who have good performance and a solid company/team in the management aspect and growth aspect (not big short term gainers) i personally like ETH i feel now would be a better time then ever to try position a nice long term invsetment in respected coins not just as gainers but as a company 🙂

  5. Great video Benette! You’ve come so far from the Northwestern sophomore who made videos in his room. It’s crazy how much your channel grew in the past few months. Keep up the great work!

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