PHP and MySQL Course Updates, and the Fallacy of Bitcoin Investing

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  1. Are you updating the Python (and hopefully AI courses) too? I been looking at your website and codecademy etc. However, the more I read about programming it Feels like I get more and more interested in networks, ethical hacking, pen testing, AI or AGI than just building a website for a company … Will you create a course more focused on network and the hacking aspect as well? That would be really interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ I kind of like your style of teaching, so would be great to learn by you.

  2. Better question is why would people use a coin created by a bank? The whole point of "crypto" currency is decentralization so governments, corporations and institutions can't use power grabs to oppress their political enemies. There's no market for a Fedcoin. They already have one. It's called USD and it's backed by nothing and plagued with run away inflation.

  3. No banks cannot create their own Crypto currencies successfully. Bitcoin was designed to get away from the Banking System of fiat money and infinite supply.
    Ripple being a case in point. Bitcoin is secured by a scattered community of varification nodes and miners. There would be no incentive for them to work on a Bank Coin.

  4. Crypto is an investment but it's not a get rich quick investment. If you choose the right coins you'll be fine. I've made 100% in a few months. Idk why you mentioned banks making coins, that would be pointless. We already have a coin based on fiat value called tether.

  5. how would a bank's proprietary version of bitcoin gain a foothold? people would just use money. e-money has already been tried and failed. bitcoin is different because it's an algorithm, not a company

  6. Form what little I understand of it, many of the pigs–I mean investors–who held on to cryptocurrency did so for idealistic reasons instead of for practical investments. Money-making was not the first concern. I imagine if they don't cash in now I might wonder about the difference between idealistic and insane.

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