PBC calling for $40,000 BTC this year! MORE BULLISH NEWS TO SHARE!

Looks like Teeka from Palm Beach Confidential still is very very bullish on BTC. Personally I believe we will hit between $40000-$50000 BTC this year. Link to …


  1. IF YOU want bitcoin to be the pure and the only one people are using, the manipulation gotta stop, that will scare people off.. plus lets say today you own 5 bitcoins and worth 50000$ and a week later it worth 49000$..48000$..52000..45000$.. or 55000$???? how can people hold bitcoin if bitcoin price are that volatility…?????like… how to spend it and buy stuff if the price is changing ever second?? lets says the price of a car is 3.25 bitcoin..but hours later when you and the dealer signing the paper and ready to buy it, the price become maybe 3.02 bitcoin or 3.33 bitcoins???? i dont get it

  2. I think in the future, there can be only a few types of coins left for people to use, cuz now we have more than 1000 plus of never heard of coins out there, which has to disappear. those coins are just "someone" or some "companies" wants to make $$ during this crypto rush..which again…fuck them

  3. I hope he is right but i think this market is dead,in the last 3 months there is only a pump and dump between 250-450 bill.
    Btc has already difficult to get to 10K,He is an idiot for predict 40K this year.In dec 2017,jan;feb 2018 alot of people lost alot of money and get rektThere are alot of these rekt people who are waiting for btc to go above 10k and than sell to brake even.
    The btc dominance whill decrease in the next 6-12 months because you can by altcoins whit usd and whitout first buying btc,so what whil be the uttility for btc???

  4. Hi Kristof
    You are one of my favorite Youtubers
    Very realistic …. Great news
    Happy to follow u and we need more people like u
    My prediction end of this year 35k ….
    Respect from Macedonia

  5. You are exactly right. We have had so much good news in the last few months. Greater adoption, more clarification on how countries wish to deal with it, greater utility and accessibility. The market can only grow…

  6. Everyone was saying when consense happening crypto go to moon exactly opposit happend in past 6 month i leanrnt anytime they say it go to moon in that month exactly opposit will happen now everyone saying end of this year 😉

  7. Hey first timer…Melb aud…not bad…u said u are a miner… never heard anyone talk about mining in detail yet…talk is btc is doomed bc of splits on returns..!!… Over the years!!

  8. Hilarious…when I saw your video caption,I thought you were referring to the real PBC(Peoples Bank of China).I am bullish on BTC ,but teeka's may 5 trillion dollar call has soured my taste buds for his prediction. even though I am fascinated in comparing BTC and Gold charts from when futures contract started.check it out.

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