PBC admits Bitcoin is manipulated! CBOE WILL GET THE ETF!

PBC will let you know EXACTLY WHO IS BEING MANIPULATED! We HAVE BULLISH NEWS EVERYWHERE! Bitcoin is going to explode! Please share the …


  1. The Lightning Network white paper itself states that a 130MB block size limit would be necessary for mainstream adoption to be possible, even with various Layer 2 scaling options.

  2. If the price is being manipulated so large investors can buy cheap, I wonder why their purchases don't move the market up was they accumulate mass amounts at low prices. I realize there are OTC markets but one would figure that sellers in the OTC markets would be wise to this game as well and wouldn't fall for selling so low. How do the low prices on exchanges affect OTC trading?

  3. Anyone who can point me to the right direction to solo mining bitcoin with Antminer S9??? I have been solo mining at solo.ckpool.org but not sure if this is a legit place since too little data is available… Please anyone help.

  4. "They will approve it whenever they want. More specifically, only after their protégés loaded their bags with enough crypto in order to make a huge profit during the next bull run triggered by the EFT approval news.
    So whenever they and the corrupt banksters around them consider they have enough crypto, they will hit the "ETF Approval" button. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fundamentals or protecting the future investors and so on."

  5. stop eating clouds sandwiches lol the raping is going on …no institution will go in a raping street…2018 is op shake off and probably op breal off too … they got the data now including KYC…they got you…
    this whole market is "uncertain" but not the futures…this tells you one thing and that is the "uncertain" market could come to a shot down…either you transfer to our "futures" or you are out of luck…
    they got us!

  6. Just a thought… But there was a lot of bullish news and a lot of optimism in the real estate & stock market in early 2008…

    Like Warren Buffet says: be fearful when the market participants are greedy, be confident when the market participants are fearful. See you all at the bottom.

  7. Well, of course CBOE will get it, this is what? 4th or 5th try?. But futures isn't exactly what that's about, it's about the indexes- the bulk trading numbers that will dump fresh liquid in a still stagnant market- I agree that we're cycling up for a bull market, but be here now: we need liquid, not the wish for liquid, sabe?
    First time viewer, nice bit of reporting.

  8. Good show. I'm bullish too, not sure how long before the party starts, but unlike feb, march, april, ect. it seems as if I can hear the parade, just a couple of blocks down. 🙂

  9. Absolutely Agree, uninformed small/average noob investors are getting rekt, and they can only blame their ignorance.
    That's why poor people will always be poor, and rich people will be richer and richer

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