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  1. I personally don't think a run will happen this year. If everyone is expecting one to happen, thats when it won't happen. Thus begins a sell off and the big boys get another chance to get in cheap.—–


  2. I looked into paycent website they are offering Paycent cards are available globally and will allow for cashing out XRP as USD or other local currencies good to hear that . Mostely the good days will come to crypto next year. Eth : 0x778E48700D970b3533F7c4bB151670A2260F76CA

  3. Hoping for the bull run end of the November and continue till Jan and some corrections in Feb. Hoping things to go in positive way 🙂
    eth: 0x09cAc6699cc8173f0EC1F702f404D63ec6dBBa0c

  4. eth: 0x3532d60Aa3034A301F74c2f12233A6EA65dcFE07
    The actual bull run will occur when the ETF is approved, otherwise we all survive for more institutional investors and mass adoption to skyrocket the current price.

  5. I hope this is a temporary phenomenon, as most crypto analyst predictions we will see new crypto heights! And most likely closer to the end of 2018! So we wait and hope)

  6. eth: 0x5B522B09be738aeA5eB462855e50344b2573b559
    the current market is really bad. But don't lose hope at this time. Please wait patiently, the market will come back to life and BTC will return.

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