Pay Close Attention – Crypto Technical Analysis & Strategy: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Lumen

Update for: 07/21/2018 BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZRX, TRX, ICX, XLM, BAT Welcome to Charting Crypto, where I provide daily technical analysis & Strategy …


  1. Hey Charting Crypto!

    Have you heard anything about ColossusXT?
    It's a privacy based cryptocurrency focused on The Grid. Which you can read more about in their white paper.
    They did an Atomic Swap with Komodo, COLX is coming to 6 new exchanges (7 if we include DEX exchange from KMD), new roadmap coming soon, IOS wallet and The Grid development to start very soon. ZeroCoin protocol is in testing and will be on livenet soon. Great, active team along with the community.

    I'm very hyped for this project, are you?
    Nice video!

  2. My stream got cut out at the end there.. basically just looked at the BTC futures chart, and how that gap fill came in, as well as some other alt coins priming for a move up. Thanks again for watching. Hit that thumbs up for me!

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