Opiria PDATA ICO Review + Win $1000 | BTC TV

– today we will take interview from CEO of Opiria PDATA ICO. Great idea + existing product + 13mln already collected and more…. All of that …


  1. 1: How does this video review help the project?
    2: Is your ICO project structured as a corporate or non-corporate entity?
    3: What is the Lock-Up Periods you have with them team members and advisors to avoid dumping?
    4: is your service already offered by a centralized entity? If so, why does decentralizing it make it better?
    5: Who is on the team, what are their backgrounds & credentials, and do they have any public track records?
    6 : How were said discounts determined? Do the discounts incentivize HODLing or profit taking upon launch?
    7: Does your ICO fall within SEC jurisdiction? Are you SEC compliant?
    8: What are the assets & liabilities of your project?
    9: What milestones do you have in place? How will you inform investors when milestones are achieved?
    10 : What companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with?
    11: when does your ico ends?
    12: How does this major partnership help PDATA token?
    13: There is a lot of startups, investment and innovation in various cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Why is this PDATA token not a scam.
    14: If the project is forked off another coin, what is different and why the need for a new asset?
    15: Do you have any plans to migrate from ethereum blockchain, maybe have your own blockchain technology?
    16: What is your Fiscal Policy? Instamines, premines, buying, spending, icing, discounting, and/or burning any tokens?
    17: What exchange(s) will/do you plan to be listed on?
    18: How do you intend on keeping the online consumers data safe?
    19: What languages will your website, whitepaper, and marketing initiatives be in the future?
    20: What will be the use of the proceeds raised?
    21: Are you taking an precautionary measures to ensure scammers will not be able to mislead investors into sending funds to the wrong address?
    22: Is PDATA a safe investment project?
    23: Will PDATA be responsible if there is a stolen or damaged consumer data?

  2. What is your strategy during the market downtrend, How do you intend to keep up with the bearish or downtrend market crypto market ais any solution or any backup plan you have to protect investors?

  3. + To Opiria PDATA
    — Yes that's correct Data is the oil of the 21st century, can I have companies equal share? let suppose you going to sell my data to 3 different companies can I get profit from all other companies? how you going to generate revenue in the market?
    — We all know that security is the main concern for data, how you guys protect from the Hackers?
    — What will happen if your platform gets hacked? is there any possibility of a system hack? and how will you handle that if that is happening and to avoid its happening?
    — Do you have the plan to develop a separate blockchain and ecosystem separately for PDATA?
    — What are your future plans to take PDATA on Advanced level or next big level?
    that's all, thank you! good luck with your project!

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