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  1. Hi Tony. Using your crypto as collateral against a loan is the worst thing anyone can do for the crypto asset or for the entire community who hold that asset. It’s not rocket science to figure out that these institutions offering the loans will manipulate the market and stunt any growth in value of the asset being held as collateral so you can pay the interest due leaving clients into long term debt cycles and the rest of the community with a dud asset. It’s a scam and no one should touch those services. If you want a loan it would be far better to liquidate your asset and use the fiat as a deposit or guarantee against your loan. Crypto will never grow with loan sharks inside the ecosystem. Please don’t promote it as good news. Loans borrowed on an asset than can be easily manipulated by a powerful hand with lots of financial clout is absolutely 100% detrimental to who ever uses the loan service and the entire community who hold the asset. Use your brains everyone and stay away from the cancer that crippled the fiat currency system.

  2. 2023: ME: "How much XRP do you have?" SLEEPER: "Oh I'm rich! I have 0.005990 XRP" ME: "Wow, that's a lot! Whats your twitter handle so I can send you 5 free xrp?" SLEEPER: faints

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  4. Tony i believe XRP will be used for settlement with all temenos customers by the eoy that's 3000 companies who move 2 trillion a day between them going through XRP. The price will shoot past ethereums all time high by Jan 2019. Just like David Schwarts said ''dont miss the next Ethereum''!

  5. Hej check out wirex i just ordered a creditcard you Can use everywhere mastercard and wisa is acceptet and atms you download the aBB and order card it is free and buy and sell crypto is free and convert to your native currency and spend it and they have added xrp recently it is a stroke of genius you should check it out and give your opinion on it

  6. Bless you Tony, thanks for sharing.
    All these big institutions… I have a feeling they have a marketing agreement with Ripple in a way that Apple has with iPhone. There comes a moment in the market that every institution moves in at once. Very exciting and looking forward to it. Greetings

  7. Genius to lend on XRP. It keeps going up in value and the lender wins if there is a default. But being that it's constantly going up also gives the borrowers an incentive to pay back the loan on time to get their XRP back at a higher value.

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