NYSE, Microsoft, & Starbucks Crypto Exchange partners! -Wild Crypto Prices! – SEC Bitcoin MOLE!

Crypto Prices gone Wild! Teespring cBc Merch BTC: 6 Red Days in a row IOTA’s Big Day: IOTA Hub Launch & Upbit Listing A Bitcoin Mole Within The SEC …


  1. Starbucks & every other business is sick of paying merchant service fees. Their YUUUUUGE!!! Credit card companies make money off every business working their tail off.. Cryptos are a God Send.

  2. Hey Chris, I joined your patreon group, excited to at least see what thats like and get better informed on my trading before I pull the trigger on nearly doubling my crypto portfolio.

  3. What's up CBC, we are just seeing what's about to happen brother, you just received a preview so get ready, we have a month-and-a-half to get as much as we can! Thanks for your time and God bless!

  4. Hey Chris, just like to give u a huge atta boy. I belong to a lot of Telegram groups and have been hearing your name more and more and they have been all goods comments. You don't have to be hip & cool and say things people want to hear and push crap coins to gain followers just do what your doing now and this will be your full time dream people respect and appreciate all your hard work thumbs up Bud…

  5. Regarding CZ's comments on the future of blockchain solutions – it's strangely taken out of context. He actually mentioned Komodo and Tendermint as the future winners and felt like Ethereum and EOS are simply too slow and not able to offer "swift enough" platform for specialized future needs.

    Straight quote from the Fortune article (link: http://fortune.com/2018/08/02/changpeng-zhao-binance-blockchain/ )

    "Right now, the Ethereum blockchain rules the roost when it comes to hosting dApps and defining standards. But deep-pocketed competitors—notably Tezos, Eos, and Dfinity—believe they can dethrone Ethereum by offering faster and more efficient protocols. So who will win?

    To my surprise, CZ thinks none of the current contenders are poised for long-term success because they are too slow. While this criticism has long been leveled at Ethereum, CZ says any blockchain designed for general smart contracts (as the current competitors are) won’t be swift enough. Instead, he thinks the existing blockchains will cede the field to more specialized ones.

    CZ cited newer tools like Komodo and Tendermint that make it possible to write blockchains for specific purposes, suggesting the future will consist of numerous bespoke ledgers. His comment—and this is just my interpretation—implies that blockchains will evolve in the way of chips, where customized ASIC (“application specific integrated circuit”) chips have come to dominate computing over general purpose ones."

    Thanks for your great effort and content btw!

  6. Love coin paprika and your yellow shirt! :). I know! Wasn’t that a bummer that it wasn’t the highs that was advertised. Geez. Couldn’t believe it. 🤦‍♀️. Back to below what I got into the cryptos for. Oh well. Lol

  7. ETC is about to be added to CoinBase, that, and the ETF for ETH and ETC (same block chain) will MOON the price over the ATH of 42 bucks… easy gain with ETC at 15 bucks now

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