Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Merchant Bank Gets Approved – Time for $10K+ Bitcoin!

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  2. Mainly I would like a fool proof way to buy and sell crypto. I want no way to be hacked and be left with 0, no way to make a mistake and wipe out my holdings. Buy and sell with typical securities commissions…..throw in ETF's and 100k + will be the result.

  3. So we didn't need etf before and we got to 20k and now we need etf to get to 10k. So what happens if etf doesn't get approved and look at history and see what happened to gold after joining etf if anything to go by.

  4. Novogratz’s goal is for Galaxy to be cash-flow positive by the end of the year and emphasized that each of the heads of the four business units have the mandate to be profitable by Q2 2019.

  5. Peeta you are 100% correct. Never mind nubes…..I've been into BTC since 2015 and the last week I've been fighting with my ledger to work….2 weeks before that hair pulling stress trying to open a new EOS wallet…Yes, me too I need tools that make things a lot easier…we're delusional to think this technology is going mainstream any time soon.

  6. It's unbelievable how the regulators have changed the crypto investors mind set, now all of sudden we need SEC and Financial Institutions to come and save the crypto market. We use to not care if they were involved.

  7. BTC will surpass 20k by end of 18, period. Reason, news, adoption…are all nice things to talk about, but the reality is that this market has whales, who are playing many retail investors as fools, because they have the power to manipulate the space up or down, according to their liking (futures). As a retail investor, what you have to look out for most of all, is riding the tides accordingly. Just my opinion.

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