1. If SK bans crypto then we move to a friendly country and we adapt. There’s plenty of struggling nations that would love to host exchanges and miners.

  2. I would love to learn more about why you guys consider alt coins as scams. I understand that there is an inherited risk trading these coins on many exchanges, however, some of these alt coins are doing amazing things. Wabi, for example, is tackling counterfeit merchandise in China and potentially Russia.

  3. Re bech32: the PR merged today only let’s you use bech32 if you use the command line client or if you launch the UI with -addresstype=bech32. There’s a PR by yours truly to add a checkbox in the UI for this.

  4. Binance is not cool
    Her e is why..
    #1 you buy say
    7 coins.. you go to sell them and now you can only sell 6
    BECAUSE AFTER THERE COMMISSION.. you dont have a full coin to sell.
    So you always have part of a coin left in your account you cannot use.
    Plus they raised there limit on trades with no warning..
    It used to be 0.001 and over night it went to 0.002
    So that means if you have lower priced coins and they are crashing past the price
    you bought them for you cannot sell them.
    And the problem I first mentioned above.. if you bought 10 coins and traded them you will have part of a coin left in all 10 coins you sold.
    THATS FREAKEN CRAZY.. other traders credit the balance to your account not these guys.

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