Nipsey Hussle invest in cryptocurrency

Nipsey Hussle goes to Amsterdam to check out Followcoin a new start up tech company in the cryptocurrency world. Like, comment, subscribe. Download + Stream RAP NIGGAS:


  1. 😂 Nipsey sold out.. he bout to put yoll dumb niggas on a different form of currency where now they can monitor your money.. then they’ll control you by it because their in control of that made up shit.. For example, they can manipulate the worth of that shit at any given time, not only will they do that but eventually tell you can only spend it at certain times, then days, etc.. there will be no leniency because they know you have the money vs having a paper dollar.. but you already fucked up chasing money in the firs place..

  2. Okay all my crypto fanatics!
    Sorry it took so long! But Here it is!!
    Who's ready to have full access to an Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading Robot on your Binance or Bittrex Exchange account all controlled by you!?

    Yup! Thats right! No more sending your coins over to a platform & hoping the company does you right..

    This gives you complete control to have these robots trade altcoins for you and make you profit everyday so you don't have to trade or lose any trades!!

    Everyone that watches this video are signing up left & right, because this is the next new hot thing in the cryptosphere!!

    Watch the video & if you're interested message me & I'll get you started right away!!

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