(New Prediction Andreas M. Antonopoulos) “Blockchain, Not Bitcoin” line of thinking wrong?

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  1. can we develop a blockchain that checks ebery cryptocurrency on a number like a serialnumber on a banknote. you can track every coin of token provided people didn't choode a privacycoin. If so then people can't hack and steal your currencies Best regards henk heeren

  2. How do you get the massive fraud out of the market? Investing in Bitcoin is stupid right now because with the added scrutiny and investigation we are now realizing the entire bullshit market is rigged.

  3. I'm not interested in bitcoin but not because bitcoin sucks it's because I'm envious I didn't invest in it earlier. What I am hoping for now is the pipe dream that other cryptocurrencies which I have a significant amount of investment in will become just as valuable if not more than bitcoin. "I'm interested in blockchain but not bitcoin" for me means I am interested in my cryptocurrency to become more valuable than bitcoin.

  4. Smart contracts enable crypto lending with reliable recovery in the event non-payment. Look into ETHlend or Salt.

    You have a reputation on the chain.

    – Lenders lend you crypto.
    – You can cash out to buy a home or car, etc.
    – You pay back the loan on time, per your agreed loan terms, or you lose your collateral.

  5. this is a shortsighted argument. there is a protocol war going on in the crypto-community and the biggest projects experience the most gridlock. Some of these tokens are designed as shares in a company and they generate their money the same way IPO's crowdfund so they don't "create money out of thin air." This is crap

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