(New Prediction Andreas Antonopoulos) What if the price of bitcoin “falls to zero”?

When is the optimal time to “come out” as a bitcoin user? How do you operate a cryptocurrency or multi-currency business? What if the price of bitcoin “falls to …


  1. I think the issue with most people that have Bitcoin or any other alt coins is the fact that you still look at it from a dollar or paper currency thing! You have to change the way you look at money or what we use in exchange for products, goods, and services in order to get away from the government/central bank enslaved issued paper/digital currency! Renew your thinking, completely clean your hardware/brain and download the new information!

  2. But how do I generate a bill and send a it to a customer when the price fluctuates so often?
    There’s no price stability to yet and adoption yet to occur.

  3. Have you read the book The Monster of Jekyll Island? How to do we confirm that that Satoshi creators are NOT part of the same 7 People whom in 1910 created the Federal Reserve in secrecy just so congress would pass the project? It was the fox building the hen.

  4. New tech, the new law, and the new government are needed, the law should be made to make peoples life easy not complicated, people above average income can or should pay tax, people making $10000 or 50k doesn't make any sense to pay tax. Government making diplomatic laws to protect only the rich its not called Government, they are servants of the rich or pimps may suit better. all the people working in government are common people, so people who follow the order of their rich powerful boss, ask your self will that law/rules, affect you in a good way.

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  6. Any cryptocurrencies with high volatility and unsteady values can never replace any fiat money in reality at all, let alone Bitcoins BTC/BCH nowadays, from highest in Oct/Nov, 2017 of $20k/BTC to lowest $5k/BTC in February, 2018 till now $7k/BTC again, therefore only FOOLS in the real world will ever think of soft ware computer program manipulated virtual non realistc crypto money as it is not only too risky but also other hacking and key passwords and contract public key too complicated for billions of ordinary public as compared to any fiat money like USD,GBP, EURO, etc. right! Human Fools are aplenty in control of and manipulated by AI and software program crypto virtual moneys, tokens, coins all are foolish devices for only less than 1% users in 2018 now, after knowing their lethality and illegality in real application daily indeed! Hahaha, lots of countless computer FOOLS in reality!

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