(New Prediction Alessio Rastani) Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin instead of Day Trading

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  1. Brother you have great advice. If ppl did that alone they wouldnbe wealthy. Not to mention improve your health and create discipline. Thays excatley what i did and then you get addicted to investing. So even if you lose….what did you really lose less drugs and alcohol. Great advice

  2. This isn't a bad approach, if you're going long. But if you're not selling a chunk of your positions as close to the swing highs and buying back in at swing lows as the trend changes, accumulating more on top of your shorts, you're not keeping profits —big mistake.

  3. Dude, Alessio Rastani is one of the worst thinklers…he is constantly swaying his opinions. Do look up his past videos and you know what i mean….have a great day ahead

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