New Lower High for Bitcoin?

In this video I perform basic TA of Bitcoin and discuss how we must be careful not to fool ourselves, even when doing TA. *** The Folmann Report: …


  1. Atm you can See the bullish Bias.All this awful news with market cap of 100 trillion. This is ridiculius. I dont hate crypto But i dont want a Few Digital ownership of a random coin be Worth an amount more then Gold..This will create wars and fraud.

  2. Great thanks !! Will you look at Bitcoin Private too ? I'm very interested in BTCP, it got a major hit, but it may have great potential, would like to hear your opinion ! Have a great weekend !

  3. Take a potition in crypto when the move comes maybe is huge and u cannot react. .the approach of "if see 2 days above 21ema " as and any ting else don't work. What if BTC rise quickly in a few hours or minutes 20 or 30%?the only u can is looking only. Do not stuck on "numbers " do not stuck on "charts " or indicators take position for the upcoming $ collapse

  4. When coins and tokens are used for purpose is the time we see what is real and not real.This is why long term projects and there are quite a few will not be on my radar for investment. I can always go back to them 6-12 months down the line.Stellar and Iota and Nem .Gez.

  5. i think its more like wishful thinking what ur doing.And TA and highly manipulated crypto markets?Bullish on what?That they say they going to open trading desks/rooms for crypto.Thats only on paper,and headlines from there tool ,the MSM.What i am seeing is.they buy OTC,and dump it on the markets to control it,and make double profits becouse they short it.Then they go long, make a buy order to get the shorts rekt.(after they sold theirs offcorse)
    I also not seeing a project deliver a world changing product very soon.So why a bullrun on the corner?I not see it!!

    Bullrun when there is something big wil occure.

  6. SHEESH, Scammer Alert, below. Same crap everywhere! They hijack names of youtubers and create false addresses, and they create this little fake story and usually have all replies to the comment all supportive and written at the same time of the comment. SCAM SCAM SCAM BEWARE

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