“NEVER PANIC When Bitcoin Falls, BUY MORE” – BTC Badass John McAfee Tells Why HODLING Is BEST OPTION

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  1. I do like John, but I lost a bit of respect and trust in him as he is predicting BTC to hit 1 million, but he fails to see the best digitial asset ever created (XRP). BTC has little real life use case and I feel he promotes it due to his mining business. BTC will also loose volume as fiat to crypto pairing is available with more coins. In reality, XRP, EOS and Cardano have far more superior tech than BTC and the future is no Proof of Work!

  2. Great video…I was down $2000 about 3 weeks ago. Big deal, I am not worried. If Litecoin goes lower I'll buy more. If bitcoin goes lower, then I'll by at least one. This is my life's gamble. If I lose I lose, but if I win I win, then I met walter aarav and I have been trading with him for a 2 weeks and my portfolio has increased with 5 bitcoins, how lucky I am to meet with such an experienced , honest, and his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me considerate man. You can reach him on mail waltertrading12 @ gmail. Com or telegram +1 323 776 6410. HaHaHa, all the way to the bank. Then maybe I'll make up for all of the years of just being mediocre and never rich.

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