NEBULAS token review: “Google of blockchain”; Huge gains in 2018?!? $$$

Nebulas token review: Nebulas has been hailed as the “Google of blockchain”. Learn why people call it that, and how it is so much more with amazing features.


  1. Amazing review! You got a sub man. Keep up the good word! This is a sleeping giant. People only see it as a Google of block chain. But this is something on a whole different level of block chain

  2. Nice review. NAS is going to be one of the most important platforms. Among the partners (min 7:59) the most noteworthy is FBG capital, its one of the biggest chinese crypto investors!

  3. There have been so many attempts to take on google with non really catching on. Firefox would have to be the closest. With one of the founders of Firefox also being on the team of Nebulas this really could be massive!!! Great vid 🙂

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