1. I have been in crypto since May so my entire crypto life has been in this terrible bear market. Your channel has been so informative for me and has really helped me to learn to protect my money and to take profits when I can, to make back some of what I lost when I didn't understand these things. I have gone from about 70% down on my initial investment to being less than 25% down at this point and the market hasn't changed much so I have been doing things to make some back and been protecting my losses MUCH better. (I was originally taught to just hold what I had and it would work out. I found that didn't work for me mentally) Anyway, as a newbie, thank you =)

  2. Thanks Dan please keep sharing. If you ever want to come out to Bozeman Montana, Vacation Homes Bozeman has five short term rentals. Maybe we could do a trade for some lessons. I keep buying crypto but I’m not doing very well trading. I have been through 2 of your courses and I watch all your videos.

  3. would love to know a little bit more about your setup Dan in terms of: what do you display on each screen i.e.) 4 charts simultaneously on monitor, order window on laptop etc. that would be awesome thank you

  4. Nice but what brand is your laptop? How old is it? Is it a gaming laptop? When I run thinkorswim it bogs mine down so wondering if I need a stronger computer. Thank you kindly.

  5. Thanks for sharing your setup!

    If you have the time I'd also love to see a more in depth explanation of your chart/tab setup on each monitor. I listen to your morning live-stream everyday and sometimes you seem to reference multiple charts on a different monitor very quickly. Particularly when you are talking about one stock and how it is correlating to SPY, XLK, QQQ, etc. I've always wondered if you have multiple windows open that you alt-tab between, multiple tabs, or if are you are just constantly re-entering tickers?

  6. Good setup. I have a similar one. I'm eventually trying to get it down to phone. I just bought one of the big phones people have nowadays. I swore I would never get one, but trading from an iphone 5 is nearly impossible.

  7. I just want to say that I'm about 75% done with your "Entries & Exits/Crypto Course Bundle" & it's the best decision $$$ wise, I've ever made! Thank you my good sir! You honestly seem so humble & not an arrogant prick like some of these bigger/successful traders. I appreciate all the free content you put out too!🙏🏽 👍🏽✌🏽

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