1. Ricky, You are honestly one of the most humble people I've ever had the opportunity to be associated with, and you should continue just as you are. I had one of the richest men in the country tell me "some will, some won't, so what, next!" This might sound a little arrogant on his part, but think about it. There will always be haters, and those who will be jealous of your success. Let them be them, but you remain true to yourself as you are doing here. I'm 62, just finished LPP, papertrading on TOS, and doing my DD as you instructed us all to do. I hope to have success like you in this venue. You inspire me! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

  2. i assume ricky means for trade not for investing as the two are very different. ricky is a great trader but for the passive person some of his plays are not wise to try and emulate. i'm sure he'd agree as he takes very active approach.

  3. Hey Ricky, I appreciate how you handled the situation and set a good example. I think you're a great guy and I found the videos with the cars and the girls to be incredibly entertaining and inoffensive (You could saw I "saw value in them"). I think giving us analogies and examples from your life to reinforce concepts helps a lot; I don't want you to be reduced to nothing but stocks.

  4. Glad I watched the end. Excellent. Trust your instincts young man, especially on the culture and moral issues. admins should answer questions and help people. Add value to the group. 😉

  5. Oh well, I spoke too soon! I just went to check out the main chat room, and already, of course, & Unfortunately, there is someone that cannot seem to even complete a sentence without using foul or vulgar language of some kind😕 Please…You know there are some of us out here that are older ladies, Grandmothers, who are offended by this type of thing. Now, would speak this way in front of your mothers and grandmothers??.. Some, of couse, who are completely selfish & uncaring would; but I think a lot of you would not🤗 so, I just ask those out there who have not really thought about it to realize that we are out here just trying to learn about trading to supplement our income for retirement. I don't think it's fair to us not to be able to do this, because we can't get through all the garbage that being spewed between the important stuff. I would really appreciate your consideration and constraint, if possible👌

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again… you are an awesome young man and an incredible role model young people today! I have had to stop watching many videos and get out of chat rooms because of all the so unnecessary vulgar and crude language😔.. it is so nice to be able to listen to you and learn from you, knowing I will not have to put up with that.. now I can go back to Discord chat again, yay!!
    Thank you for having principles and for sticking to them❣👵

  7. Ricky you are a freight train of stockmarket knowledge and experience. I agree with your rules " one hunnidd " 😎. The love of money is the root of all evil..thats why ppl are acting up but discord, the word itself is defined as " Dissagreement with people " Even the app Icon is a small demon. Yep yall will call me crazy but it makes sense.

  8. There’s a lot of butt heads in the world. Ricky keep up the good work and tell them where the bear poop in the woods and don’t worry about rubbing anybody the wrong way.Thanks again

  9. just saw the video.  Ricky don't let these people bring you down.  Your doing a great job and a lot of people including myself are learning how to invest and hopefully change our lives in a positive way.  Thanks

  10. All this knowledge of trading I've been learning from your videos and I thank you. I truly do. But my biggest problem is i live in Australia and we dont have access to thinkorswim.. 😫 most of the platforms I've looked into charge $19.95 for under 10k. Seeing as I can afford 1k to start with thats to much to give up in broker fees. Was wondering if you have any idea what I should look into. Thanks

  11. Ricky. Moved on little brother. Don't let this guy change your ways. Not everyone gonna like you. That is ok.. You don't have to explain yourself. Stay focused on your daily stock conversation. Hell half of us don't know what happen. Stay strong get back in the game. Be proud.

  12. It's videos like this that you put out that shows that you're the real deal. We all make mistakes, but owning up to them is the hardest thing to do. I appreciate your video, keep up the good work!

  13. Hey man, don't be so sad! Lot of people like your workflow just the way it is… with all "mistakes" you made. It's part of your lifestyle which attracted bunch of people here. Steve Jobs once said: "If you want to make everyone happy, go sell ice cream." Sometimes someone can insure you with very strong argument that you made a "mistake", but it's only about their situation. So don't fall in that trap. If you ask me, I didn't recognized that video as a "wrong" move. Keep your head up… keep being fun… keep smiling with your 78 teeth… keep doing great! We love you!

  14. Patrick is just full of crap. I use to respect him but he is just full of crap. Him saying you only closing 2 red positions red this year is bullshit but yet to provide any evidence or proof. All he does he just run off his big mouth. How is going to call you out but when I ask him for evidence he just says I believe it's bullshit , that just goes to show what a clown he is 😂😂😂.
    If you call someone out, put up or shut up. Stay true to yourself man, clearly Patrick wants something you have.

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