My Top 5 Stocks February 2018 Week 3 | Sunday Stock Talk

1. Course & Private Group: 2. Make Money Driving Your Dream Car: 3. Free Group: 5. Earn…


  1. Thank you for your videos, I started learning about trading last November by reading books and watching a lot of uour videos, with paper trading I did great then I open an account with $1000dls. And lost $400dls. In 1 week because I change my plan at the last minute, psychology is completely different with real money so know I'm up 2% on my account because I don't change my plan, thank you Ricky Gutierrez ☝️

  2. "If you follow people who are manipulative, eventually you may run into people who are more manipulative then you, and are going to live a Machiavellian life." ~ Tai Lopez Just like the quote

  3. No offense Brad but I'm not interested at all in Net Talk because it's products are super lame. They're basically like Magic Jack, I mean who even uses these things? Your Grandma, maybe. No one is rushing out to buy a nettalk adapter for thier old ass analog phone lol.

  4. Ricky, please do a video about your trading journey. Like your style of trading in the beginning, mistakes you were making, and what changed that you began to be consistently profitable. I think this will be helpful for many 🙂

  5. Love the video. Would still advise always using multiple sources of information. 2 to make it true! Id love to talk to you in person about up coming plays, and dab on you for JNUG. 😉 Not buying LPP.

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