My Bitcoin Wealth Management Panel

Josh here… I was honored to have moderated a panel at the 2018 Consensus: Invest conference this week in Times Square in which we discussed whether or …


  1. tokenization of applications isnt going to work guys, its the same thing as intranet vs internet… you are adding unnecessary steps to the adoption of cryptos. Securities are still securities, their barrier to entry is information and capital, not some lack of efficiency realized by tokenization. Technically stocks are already tokenized, and the ledger just exists in these old world custody forms rather than a cryptographic ledger.

    transactions and assets will just eventually be valued in Satoshis rather than dollars.

  2. So…. are people finally coming to the realization of what 'blockchain' really is?
    A semi-useful tool for very specific use cases… but NOT a thing that will revolutionize everything on the planet and probably doesn't have much worth behind it?

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