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  1. Still HODLing tron, but EVERYBODY should know about this just to be sure.
    It is said to be confirmed that he was it, it could all be fake news though, keep that in mind.

  2. Trx is .04 cents…… why the fxck would I be worried about buying? I can understand if I bought two ETH or one BTC and lost…… but come on….. you can get like 500 TRX for $10. If TRX even hits $1, you profit. FOH.

  3. I have investments in trx. I agree in some FUD on this coin, especially what is so special about it? not sure is the name or what. They do have a good PR campaign and it appears a trendy coin to be in. I have bought in when it was around $0.04. I have noticed though, that despite the bear market of late, there has been a relative small uptrend in the last two weeks in the cryptosphere. However concerning to me is that, trx itself has not really moved. In fact it appears to be stagnant and dipping slightly. Is anyone else doubtly this coins ability? I have not managed to gain any positives out this coin of late.

  4. I support Li xiaomi ,the Chinese billionaire.Tron is a mirage.Just building hype by sponsoring you tubers.Everyday ,there is news about Tron ,doing this ,doing that.Poor investors r in a swoop.

  5. dusty this guy knows what he is doing he records himself saything these things and he brings the price low. you see Jack Ma doing the same thing with bitcoin/ call them out for what they are. dont fall for this theater call them out for the cons that they are

  6. Li is a fake shill, trying to hate at a low to push that low lower so he can buy…. Fuck this guy… Thanks guy I'm buying twice what I got now…. Li sells drugs and children.

  7. In time we will find out who and what is true. "If" he said these things that would not make it FUD just because I am invested in TRX. People have issues when info goes against what they believe or hope. Grow up and stop being so wimpy and scared.

  8. Very simple When a billionaire makes public comments, they do it with one mere purpose, that is to impact minds, to reach their objective. Whatever their objective is, the core always remains profit. Never believe a billionaire made claims just because they are kind and wish to inform and help folks. Never fall for that. It's always bout seeking personal profit. You do the math. Folks use your own judgment stay well

  9. Hodling 100K TRX. Investing in a Decentralized internet and the targeted decentralized music industry application is just common sense. NEO is being bought Goldman Sachs. Wouldn’t over react to a billionaire that’s having a hissy fit.

  10. Smells a bit FUDdish to me. Maybe Binance is the only exchange available in China, but there are plenty of other options here in the UK and they're all pretty lacklustre compared to Binance in terms of usability.

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