Multi cryptocurrency wallet review – wallet (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc)

Crypto 101: New to cryptocurrency / digital currency? and you have multiple crypto assets in your portfolio. I would recommend to consider – Here is your 3% discount code for every…


  1. In your video [5.05] you show an exampel of exchange from BitCoin to Ethereum and you say that you will make a profit. You have in BitCoin $85.71 and you will receive in Ethereum $85.37. How can this be a profit?

  2. anybody out there receives "deposits", random times and amounts-small nothing in hundreds..noone has my acct info..tried to trace address there is an address located..output and input from one source to 2 or 3 address including mine

  3. I love exodus, I have already used the customer service because one of their processes was running at a high CPU rate. The cool thing also is when you trade a currently highly traded coin such as litecoin(that was last week though) you will actually get more money in the exchange. So what I did is set my genesis mining sha256 to litecoin and then you can exchange to something else and make some money in the process. Pretty cool I must say.

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