Mindset and Strategy When Investing In Cryptocurrency: After the Bitcoin Crash

If you are watching, you really are an early adopter and consider yourself blessed with an amazing opportunity. Blockchain will still be here in 10yrs. Will you have been able to take advantage…


  1. I dove in about three weeks ago and have been putting in as much as I can get away with….and will continue to do so. I am getting Litecoin, Ripple, Ether, and Verge thus far. Verge was more for messing around and learning. I am intrigued by EOS and what they are attempting to create.

  2. Hey Jon love your videos, just curious what platform do you use to buy bitcoin? I’m also from Hawaii and I’ve been into Cryptocurrency from around the same time as you. I had coinbase through a loophole but that’s gone now. Would love your help, thank you. Aloha!

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