Mike Novogratz – The Herd is Coming

Mike Novogratz, cryptoinvestor, talks about why he is excited about the blockchain space, what he is worried about, and what he is going to do about it.


  1. The herd is coming alright , people want change , the system is corrupt , income tax is a scam , endless money printed with no real value welcome to the world of BITCOIN . The 1%ers can all go to HELL as far as i'm concerned , their insatiable greed is beyond borders while we have around 1 Billion people starving around the world sickening system .

  2. this video has bad optics a white guy in a africa shirt talking about how all these other people investors are bad and how he meditates in india. "checking people" i found zero value in this video and it stings of white savior.

  3. Mike Novogratz is probably the only traditional Wall Street traderspeculator that actually talks sense about this emerging market. He understands it which many don't.

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