Mega Millions Lottery VLOG (( Pregnancy Update))

Quick road trip to Idaho to get some Lottery tickets for this Mega Milliolns Jackpot. Any excuse for some quality time with the wife! We also give you guys a long …


  1. Hi guys, its great to see y'all again. Whit, your baby bump is so cute and your mommy glow is bright and beautiful😊. Ash, I'm glad to hear all went well with your surgery…Much love to you both💗😘

  2. 👋🏾guys, yeah I heard know one won the lottery. It was a sweet suggestion to give your subscribers $1000. I’m happy for you guys and can’t wait to meet the new addition to y’all family. #bigmama! 💞💞looking forward for the next video.

  3. I'm soooooo glad to see ya'll back with these awesome vlogs again. I was missing my fave Y.Tube fam for real. Thanx for all the updates. And Whitney you are stunning and the prettiest pregnant woman I've ever seen. So don't worry girl you will get that bounce back…after the baby comes. Much ❤.✌

  4. Ash please keep on that seatbelt please I know it can be annoying at times it's for your safety. I just buried a classmate today he wasn't wearing his seatbelt and got ejected from the car. Just try to make it a routine every time you get in the car one love ladies.💞

  5. I swear I'm at work and spit out my water when she said one of her titts different. I busted out laughing cause I wasn't expecting that. But once u have that beautiful baby it will be back to normal. I enjoyed the Vlog

  6. It's good to see you again. Ashley, I see you very tired, do not leave your prenatal appointments and take things slowly, you're shortly. I will ask God to accompany you all the time and give Whitney a lot of patience, because pregnancy is not easy. I know that she helps you and Ashley will not leave you alone. Whitney, please do not go to far places with Ashley, or let yourself get the night, you know the dangers. To take care of yourself, God bless me and accompany me and everything will turn out well.

  7. Watching from JAMAICA..happy to hear every thing is ok with u guys mama just enjoy the ride of pregnancy it carry ups and down .and u have a good good help mate 👍👍👍👍👍🥂

  8. U look great and anyways whatever u gained go go away and I'm so happy for y'all omg yes that feeling both y'all feel when they put that baby in your arms omg yep I'm commenting alot make me a mod on y'all page lol

  9. Windey so pretty omg both of y'all are I so want to kick it with y'all I have so much I need to talk to y'all I'm the one that lost her son two months ago I really look up to y'all would love to get to know you guys I have no support it's just me and my babies send me a friend request my name is myagotherkidsback on FB

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