McAfee Interview – ICO Shilling, HitBTC Scam, Quantum Threat

McAfee talks about crypto, blockchain, ICO Shilling, his concerns with HitBTC and what he does when he is not hustling crypto. Hope you enjoy guys! Greeting …


  1. Hilarious.. This clown is asked about shilling and says: "People are welcome to their opinion." as if it isn't true. Then when asked what he is excited about to close the interview, he shills some stupid worthless coin. What a loser. Don't believe anything this shyster McAfee says. Schemes within schemes.

  2. What is this guy on?!! I had to take several breaks watching and listening to him…My God!! How can anyone take him serious? This interview was almost as painful as Elan Musk smoking a joint publicly. If I were doing with business with either, I would be nervous.

  3. Blockchain in general is not THE truth. It is just a record of stuff that someone has put on it! Only cryptocurrencies, which are closed systems, provide a validation of the content. Non-currency BCs can store lies and garbage no problem. It makes everything tamper-proof, including garbage.

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