MAY TRADING CHALLENGE DAY 1 – Day Trading Bitcoin On Binance

Locked in a nice 8% with CHAT/BTC today. Off to an awesome start! What are you currently trading/looking at? Where I Trade: …


  1. Where I Trade:

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    My Litecoin address: LSGErQiGpRQzwbCimp5dmXuGgHA1U6WGzb

  2. Do you think you could explain more in depth the use of your analysis, like instead of you saying "I bought here and sold here" you would explain more in depth why exactly you decided to trade in that moment (for example, as you can see macd crossed here and volume was high, plus the wedge formed over here etc….) I think it would help a lot of new traders

  3. I trade mostly on Bitmex nowadays. Altcoins are my doom. I seriously don't know how I can keep losing every single time, but whenever I buy an alt it starts going against me… And before you say, no, I do not buy green candles that are 20% up. I just don't get it anymore. I've been trading for 3 months and altcoins were always a nightmare. At least with Bitmex I can make consistent profits. I'm starting to think Binance has some market makers that will make you lose everytime. WTF. Pure frustration. When I see videos like this +8% with one trade it's a slap in the face. You are a wizard to me.

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