MASTERMIND Session 2018: Gold, Cryptos & Wealth Principles w/Lior Gantz

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  1. Seems to me that Hashgraph makes Blockchain obsolete. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for a Hashgraph crypto currency to come on line and how that will impact BC.

  2. These two guys are excellent and sincere folks, plus they share this wealth of knowledge without asking for anything back from us. Love Kenneth too Daniel 🙂
    Been following for a few years and I believe their theory 100% + Plus have had the realized results as well. The real returns however, are yet to come!!! Thanks you BOTH!!!!

  3. Awesome, thank you both for the excellent information and recommendations! The buy-up-to price aspects that you have been incorporating into your emails and newsletters recently have been extremely helpful.

  4. Interesting perspective on the correlation between interest rates and dividend yields. Lior, I truly appreciate the positive impact your letter has had on my portfolio. You could say I had 21 paychecks in 2017 when counting the profits generated from your research.

  5. Excellent, excellent show. Two of my favorite newsletter writers. Honestly, between the two of you, I'm up 212% in 2017 and I pushed the envelope with the size of my positions. I even bought the fam a holiday in Carribean from some of the proceeds. Freaking excited to see Invictus position up close to 100% and my cryptocurrency plays all up triple digits! You rock.

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