Mastercard CEO Calls Bitcoin “Junk” As BTC On Verge of Surpassing His Loan Shark Operation In Value

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  1. One more problem is that Bcash is centralized. It was created and marketed by Roger Ver, the truth is that if Roger Ver dies, Bcash will go to nearly zero.

    If Vitalik dies, Ethereum will tank as well. Same for a lot of these teams. On the other hand, if a BITCOIN developer dies, BITCOIN continues all the same unscathed.

    BITCOIN is the most decentralized coin in that sense. And so I say GO….BITCOIN….GO . The KING of cryptocurrency.

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  3. Peter Shill? Are you fucking kidding me? Peter Schiff has MUCH more integrity than you do. He is consistent. He talks about the things he got wrong.

    Jeff Berwick:
    – wrong about shemitah
    – wrong about debt jubilee
    – changed your mind about voting twice within a year (being an anarchist, then being an activist for the libertarian party, going back to being an anarchist), all the while hating and spewing shit in the direction of those who disagree with your view

    we've never heard you talk about that shit any more. If your forecasts had been correct we'd never hear the end of it.

    Peter Schiff:
    – consistent
    – shows integrity
    – doesn't do ad-hominem attacks

    Peter Schiff may be wrong about Bitcoin but he's certainly a MUCH better man than you are, Jeff.

  4. what i love is the fact i have sent my wealth thru so many different anonymous coins like xmr and vericoin
    at so many different times in the past 2 years
    not even the the most amazing hacker in the world could find just how much i have now
    bring it govt and IRS my shits locked away so tight im ready for ur currency war

  5. I've got a load of bottle. caps for sale for £4567 each I believe there going to be the new currency of the future if anyone wants to buy some give me a shout I'll sell them to you at £4000 each then I'll pay you every day with my profit I've made but only if you re lend me all your money first

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