Massive Ethereum Scaling & Dictator Vitalik, End of Crypto, Tron 200x Faster, Forbes – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Tron claims to be 200x faster than Ethereum, Ethereum scaling proposal for 17k TPS, (Nouriel Roubini) Dr. Doom continues to …


  1. The climax of that intro was GOLD! 🙂
    Ethereum is a Mastodon: updating it is going to take AGES. As for Mr Buterin, I think his job has been done: he set up the project, he laid out the foundation of Ethereum Blockchain, he got the EVM running and he did the research to lay out future developments, he positioned his favourite Mr Zamfir to follow up in a new (more people-friendly!) direction, but he will definitely remain behind the scene as a consultant/advisor. 🙂

  2. I strongly believe in BTC, XRP or ETH, gave me profit this year. I use linkkoin website because of their fast service and a live chat on the website-sometimes it's very helpful. Also they give $5 in BTC for new customers at the momet.

  3. As always…Great content!!!   Was the beginning you poking fun at people like Peter Schiff trying to do comedy?   Yea….Schiff loves himself so much he did stand-up once (yeah…it's on youtube of course).

  4. That Jordan Belfort is so easy to see through, he is so obviously being influenced by the 1% to say Bitcoin is a scam. What is funny is that he is actually a criminal and Bitcoin is real and its not going anywhere.

  5. Been watching you for ages but never actually told you that you're my favourite YouTube channel! Tbh I haven't listened to any of the fud on Ethereum, I've been getting hold of as much as I can while it's been down. Never once have I lost faith in ETH, I just hope Vitalik doesn't leave like rumours suggest however at the end of the day all crypto's will have to be able to run when their creators die/leave someday anyway!

  6. Another great video Lark, I enjoy the info and the entertainment, I also really respect how you engage and respond to not only the positive comments but the criticism as well. Keep up the good work!

  7. My thoughts on ETH lately is: Failed to implement their Scaling solution, now talking abt Zk snarks, and then a talk of Vitalik leaving ETH. I will switching all ETH to EOS asap.

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