1. While most investors will remember 2018 as one of the worst bear markets for cryptocurrency, those on the development and adoption side will hail it as the year of the stablecoin.

  2. BTC millionaire days are gone.

    If you put 1k in btc today, and it went back to 19k you’d have a third btc or 6k. 10k would be 60k.

    Too much risk for that sort of return. And that’s best case scenario

  3. I've been trying to use it, transfer it between wallets and it's been nothing but a hasstle.. no nightmare.. it's always stressful and I haven't had one simple transaction.. it's all been bad, expensive fees and lack of support when its left out in the networks pending for hours. Coinbase is holding it for 5 days before I can cash out. This is bullshit. They had 10 fucking years to get it right and it's a nightmare I'm so glad I didn't give to my grandchildren this xmas. Good luck if you found something useful.. It will not work for me or my business.

  4. Imagine if I am a whale , why would I sell now at super low prices… I can just sell a small fraction , example , sell 2 bitcoins a month to pay for my daily expenses. Wait just less than a year to at least double the value of my bitcoins. This is exactly what Sunny is doing as well…

  5. "United we WHALE , Divided we fry."

    There is no point in looking for buying opportunities in STOCKS , when the opportunity for a gain is very low and slow… all you need to do is buy Bitcoin and cryptos since the gain is many times over in just a year. GUARANTEED in 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Hnx44-CaM The Big Short of 2018

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTISmwk2xTo US Debt is a death spiral.

    even Tone Vays says, "The best time to buy Bitcoin is always YESTERDAY." (if you are willing to hold for more than a year)

  6. The article on cryptonewsreview says a total of 263,294 BTC were moved & 'rearranged', probably by Coinbase. Answer me this: Why does any big company bring a whole lot of stock out of storage?? Too get ready for a major sales push…eg Bakkt. They'll need heaps of stock on shelf if the purchases go ballistic.

  7. If you look at the transactions for that 66k bitcoin wallet all the bitcoin was transferred into one new wallet and then immediately split form that wallet into 100 or so smaller wallets each holding 661.78btc which in turn were then split into a load more different wallets containing 10btc each which are the consolidated back into new wallets containing 8k or so bitcoin seems really odd like someone is trying to hide a massive stack of bitcoin they just brought

  8. If crypto and stock market are correlating – what I do believe -, what will happen in the case of a recession (like 2007/08)? When I look at the stock markets, I am not sure that the bear market will end soon. Crypto market has no experience with such market situations. What is you opinion?

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